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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Five A Day


I am so excited as I have finally bought three apples trees which are destined for the allotment. It has only taken us about us as many years to get round to this ! We visited Ornamental Trees Nurseries in Shropshire this morning and selected the trees which are all on dwarf M27 rootstock. This will hopefully mean that the trees will not reach any great height. Strictly speaking fruit trees are not allowed at the allotment but I have noticed that fellow plot holders seem to get round this by growing dwarf rootstocks. I have a corner plot and am planning on planting the trees alongside the fence which overlooks the main path, so there is no danger of the trees casting shade on neighbouring crops. The three varieties we chose are Katy, Sunset and James Grieve - the first two are eaters whilst the latter is dual purpose. Tonight the plants are sheltering in the greenhouse as it has been that windy that I had visions of them toppling over, snapped branches and sustaining other damage before they are even in the ground. They will make their way to the allotment soon. I am still not sure still that I made the right selection but time and tasting will tell.

More fun featuring the letter F can be found over at ABC Wednesday.


  1. I do hope your apple trees grow well and produce fantastic amounts. Here in the Similkameen many of the new orchards consist of skinny trees trained on wires, - easy to manage and the fruit is as good as ever.

  2. Good looking trees there, Anna! I've never heard of those varieties, but I'll bet they will be wonderful eating apples. Happy you're doing the ABC Wednesday thing!

  3. I love fruit! And what a lovely apple tree it is! Great F word for the F Day! I hope the tree thrives and supplies you with lots of delicious Fruit, Anna! Enjoy your week!


  4. Good luck, and eventually, good eating!

    On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG

  5. I hope they grow well for you. I should get more fruit on my allotment. At the moment, the only fruit there are the strawberries.

  6. We used to have an apple tree in the garden, along with gooseberries and pears. Also chickens and rabbits( for the pot not pets. I was brought up in a miners village in the late 50's/60's although the mines had closed in the mid 1950's. So it was still the norm that you reared as much as your own food as possible. Interesting how this is creeping in again but perhaps more lifestyle then necessarily. I'm new in town and I post from various blogs so last week my E was a 50-word story called The Prince of Darkness is a gentleman. This week my F is a poem called The final seaside trip. I hope you have a good week!

  7. Good luck with them! They look beautiful.

  8. Congratulations on acquiring the apple trees. We have an espaliered James Grieve that has had good apples in the past, but this year it's infested with codling moths. Hope you got a robust variety. How can an allotment not allow fruit trees?? OK, giant pear and cherry trees I could understand, but there are plenty of small trees to be had these days.

  9. The apple trees sound wonderful. But, you know, you needed time to really commit to them! :)


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