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Monday, 26 March 2012

That Magical Hour

Pheeeeeew -  a weekend away from home was the source of constant fretting as I left the greenhouse and its occupants in himself's hands. There were all sorts of instructions and dire warnings issued prior to departure. "Spray those seedlings with the blue mister","Take the tomatoes and peppers in at night", "Make sure you fleece the cuttings if it gets cold,"Remember to close the greenhouse door at night" etc, etc. His head was spinning, my head was spinning and so was the greenhouse. It's funny how we perform all these tasks on autopilot, only realising how complicated it sounds when you ask somebody else to take over. What I had not bargained for was just how warm it would be for the time of year. Normally March can still be a time to worry about frost but this weekend with temperatures in the late teens, wilting and leaf scorch were more likely hazards for tiny seedlings. I am pleased to report that all was well on my return and himself can look me in the eye.

With domestic chores to catch up with today sadly gardening activities have taken a back seat but tonight himself has offered to cook, so I'm off into the garden before and after to play. What a difference having that extra hour of evening daylight makes!

The photo is off my autumn flowering cherry which usually has a second showing of flowers come spring. Liz over at Gwirrel's Garden was wondering in a recent post what had happened to this event - well here it arrived whilst I was away.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I know exactly what you mean about the garden... Usually I leave only a couple of rules i.e. water stuff, especially pots and dead head. As long as things are still alive then I'm more than happy and don't expect much else :)

    Bah; looks like it's just my tree that's not really having its second flush... Never happy am I? :D
    Yours does look stunning though, and I'll cross my fingers for more blooms here.

  2. Glad to hear the 'garden sitter' managed everything in your absence. That's a really beautiful flowering cherry you have there. Am hoping mine will wait to flower until I return home!

  3. The cherry blossom is so pretty and it looks like there's plenty of buds yet to open too. I love having an extra hour of daylight, it makes such a difference and I seem to get so much more done each day. Glad to hear that everything was in order on your return from your weekend away, hope you were away for something pleasurable.

  4. I had to laugh, as I'm going to be a way for a whole week over Easter, and I'm writing watering/frost notes for my partner already! :-)
    Your cherry blossom is a real picture!

  5. What a gorgeous flowering cherry - it couldn't resist another flush in this lovely warm weather.

    Glad to hear all was well on your return - hope your weekend away was enjoyable Anna.


  6. the responsibility can be as nerve wracking as looking after other people's children or pets so Himself must have been relieved that alls well in the greenhouse. What a welcome home with blossom and a willing chef.

  7. Stunning blossom. I love the more delicate flowers like yours. I know just what you mean about going away. My OH cannot be relied upon to water seedlings or pots but does a good line in picking veg if reminded!


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