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Friday, 10 April 2009

Calorie Free Zone

Before the inevitable Bank Holiday rain descended, himself took me to Lodge Lane Nursery this morning to treat me to a non chocolate Easter egg. This is our nearest local nursery and came under new ownership in 2007. There have been several changes since then. It is certainly easier to navigate your way around. Some welcome additions include a self service tea room and a toilet which must be especially welcomed by visitors coming from further afield. Sue, the owner is most friendly and helpful.

On arrival we were drawn to an attractive display of vegetable seeds, sundries and some seed potatoes. We had missed out on the nursery's 'Veg Week' but some of the goodies were still on sale.

I was delighted to see some modules of healthy looking 'Feltham First' peas. As only about half a dozen of mine germinated I could not help but put some in my basket.

From the vegetable display we wandered round in front of the newly created vegetable growing area. I will try to take some more photos later this year of this, as well as the gardens which we did not visit today.

We ambled through the polytunnel ~

and along through the sales area :

So what came home with me apart from the peas ? For a while I have been hankering after some phormiums particularly after seeing them used so beautifully in the garden by Easygardener in this post. So into my basket jumped phormiums 'Sundowner' and 'Bronze Form', a little white anenome, mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream', and a stipa gigantea (allotment bound). Last but not least in case my Japanese painted fern does not come to life this year I was tempted by athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Ursula's Red'.

On leaving himself observed that a choocie egg would have been cheaper but I was definitely one happy bunny.

Postcript - A comment from Patientgardener reminded me that Sue who runs the nursery has a blog which you can read here. Sue also won the BBC Gardener of the Year competition in 2006 but more of that on my next post about the nursery. I wrote my post in a hurry and had a feeling afterwards that I had left something significant out. Thanks Patientgardener :)


  1. Much more fun than chocolate and think of all the calories used on digging the holes too.

    Happy Easter

  2. Just tell himself that they'll last a lot longer than the Easter egg so they're much better value ;)

    Have a good Easter :)

  3. Looks like my sort of nursery. In fact, I think you were very restrained!
    Enjoy planting them up.
    P x

  4. non-fattening easter eggs - the best sort!
    Happy Easter Anna

  5. While I would not foresake my Lindt Easter bunny--even for plants!--a trip to the nursery is always welcome. It sounds like you got a nice Easter basket! ;-)

  6. Oh that looks like fun! I would much rather have some new plants than chocolate any day, well almost any day :)

  7. What a fun time you must have had. I have 'Sundowner.' Almost lost it due to this winter's wrath but I'm pretty sure it will make a full recovery. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new acquisitions.

  8. Sue, the owner, own Gardener of the World in 2006. She has a quite interesting blog which you can access via the Lodge Nursery website.

    I have a Mathisella Green Dreams - its a great plant. Quite vigorous. I had mine in a sheltered spot last year as I thoght it was quite tender and it grew rapidly. I have moved it to the back slop. Bob Brown told me that his grows in a field. I havent worked out how to propogate it yet - the seeds dont seem to be fertile

  9. These are nice Easter eggs, better than what I ended up with; a new surge protector/UPS for my office and a visit from my highly talented electrician. Let me just say that surge protectors work!

  10. That BBC gardener of the year show really can change lives.

    Happy Easter


  11. Having just stuffed myself with half a Cadbury's egg, i think your idea was much better! Happy Easter!

  12. Thanks for all your kind Easter wishes. I hope that you all had a good one chocolate filled or otherwise.

    Patientgardener - thanks for the information about Mathisella 'Green Dreams'. I am really looking forward to seeing it in flower:)

    Jodi- your alternative egg was definitely different but must have bought an extra spark to your day :)


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