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Monday, 20 April 2009

'Have A Little Patience'

'Have a little patience' urge the once upon a time boy band 'Take That' and I should heed their lyrics. My clematis texensis 'Princess Diana' has come to life - yaaaaay ! I have not put the wanted post up yet for the Japanese Painted Fern. Thanks to all of you who have given me encouragement that it may well yet show. I am resisting the strong urge to have a a good investigation into the patch of apparently bare soil. In the meantime as well as 'Ursula's Red' which was part of my Easter egg, I discovered that I had another Japanese Painted Fern' Silver Falls' which was lurking in the coldframe. How it had escaped my notice all winter I do not know but it did not escape my spring clean.

Meanwhile since my last diary entry two weeks, ago all sorts have been happening in the garden and greenhouse, but it is the allotment where I have spent more time. We have had some glorious weather both over Easter weekend and this last weekend. More warmth and sunshine are predicted for the next few days. I have been down to the lottie most days. The photo below shows my view this morning when I paused for a break. I like the colour of my neighbours's shed which looks bright and cheerful even on the dullest of days. Time methinks to take a paint brush to my lean - to's layers of flaking off dingy white.

I have planted two of the new raised beds with strawberries. One bed contains an early fruiting variety. These have come from runners so it will be next year before I have a significant crop. The other bed has been planted with some plants of a late fruiting variety. These were spare plants from my lovely plot neighbour H and I am hoping to be nibbling some strawberries this year. Sweet peas 'Matucana' are now in the ground. These were the plants that I sowed in the autumn which have been outside for some time. I have never planted them so early so will they probably be struck down by a hard frost. If that should transpire reserves are in readiness. I have had my first pickings of rhubarb - oh most delicious stewed and topped with plain yogurt. Maybe a crumble at the weekend.

Late this afternoon himself went down with the trailer and cleared the remnants of old wood from the former exterior fencing so this has opened up a new patch. I am really looking forward to seeing this tomorrow !


  1. Gosh your rhubarb is soon going to seed but they are spectacular in flower although not good for the plant.

  2. Hi Anna

    Shed painting, there's always tomorrow. I bet the Sweet peas 'Matucana' will look great.

    Enjoy your weather.


  3. Anna, Everything looks alive and lively. I do love rhubarb--it's better on custard (pudding) than plain yogurt, but that's just my personal taste. Though I do like a nice Greek yogurt... oh how I wish rhubarb were ready here...

  4. Hi Anna - you need to take your rhubarb flowers off, otherwise no crumble for you next year :(


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