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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Just Pottering

'From the dark and wetted soil
Petals are unfolding
From the stony village kirk
Easter bells of old ring

So begins another spring
Green leaves and of berries
Chiff-chaff eggs are painted by
Mother bird eating cherries'

~ Donovan Leitch

A most beautiful day here especially this morning when there was not a cloud in the sky. The temperature this afternoon nudged towards sixty degrees fahrenheit just perfect for pottering about in the garden. Lots of pricking out and potting on accomplished. Himself was at work for a twelve hour day shift poor love. I had to reluctantly drag myself away from the greenhouse to conjure a up a marvellous meal for his return. If anyone should happen to stop by here I wish you a most peaceful and joyous Easter.


  1. Anna...This is such a lovely site. Glad I was able to have a see. Hope you are well...miss you. Sue-Grewpate

  2. Love your white bleeding hearts. Happy Easter to you!

  3. It has been a beautiful day here too - have been sitting on the doorstep painting! Wishing you a lovely Easter also!

  4. Sounds like a very nice day! I can't wait to see my bleeding hearts, any day now I think.
    Happy Easter!

  5. Gorgeous photo for Easter Sunday--hope your day was as beautiful.

  6. I love your Dicentra sadly I seem to have lost mine over the recent years so perhaps it is time I looked to replace them.

  7. Hi Anna, love the white bleeding heart! It was sunny and very pleasant an Easter, today and tomorrow it will rain, but that's good too (April showers and all!).

  8. Anna, Hope you had a good Easter! Too bad Himself had to work. We had a beautiful day yesterday, though a bit cold, but I had a family dinner and didn't have time to get out in the garden. Lots of rain today, so all the garden chores will have to wait for awhile.

  9. Hi Anna~~ SO many times I've had to cease my garden bliss to enter reality and cook for the hungry members of the family. It's guilt that drives me. I think a 60 degree day sounds perfect for pottering in the garden. It sounds like your Easter was made to order.

  10. Hi Anna, I haven't found time to visit my favourite blogs recently so just catching up now. I hope you had a lovely Easter. Love your poem and photo's. Have a good week.
    maureen :)

  11. I've just planted out an 'alba' - I'm hoping the flowers will manage to rise up out of the daffodil foliage in time for blooms day.

    Hope you had a good Easter.

  12. My Dicentra Alba seems to have disappeared this year. Funny how 2 sets of ladders are lying in that exact spot where they should have appeared. Hmmm. At least I can look at your lovely photo until I get out for another one.
    P x

  13. Hi Sue and welcome - lovely to see you here. Thanks so much for your comment. Will be in touch soon.

    I hope that you had a joyous and peaceful Easter Wendy !

    Great painting weather Phoenix and thanks for your comment :)

    Hi Catherine - I hope that your bleeding hearts show soon. I hope that you had a good Easter.

    Thanks Nonizamboni - it was indeed a most glorious day here :)

    What a shame Joanne. They do disappear though don't they during the summer which can have disastrous consequences :) I have split mine into three so hopefully will not be without it for a while.
    I hope that you manage to replace your plant.

    Glad that you have had a lovely Easter day Monica. That rain has been in short supply here recently but since Tuesday we have had a good few downpours I am glad to report including the present one as I write. Bring on those May flowers !

    It sounds as if you had a lovely day Rose with your family. I just wish that mine lived nearer. Those gardening chores will keep !

    Hi Grace - you summed it up so well - the abrupt termination of 'garden bliss' giving way to the demands of the kitchen :) It was just an ideal temperature for pottering and exactly what I would order if there was made to measure weather.

    Hi Maureen - hope that all is well with you in the garden and that ever filling greenhouse ! Hope that you had a good Easter.

    Look forward to seeing photos of your dicentra alba VP -it's such a beauty. Hope that you have had some good Easter time weather too down Wiltshire way.

    Oh no Pam ! I think that's more than coincidence - funnily enough similar incidents happen here - men and their ladders - grrrrrrrrrr !


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