greentapestry : "Candles In The Rain"

Saturday, 25 April 2009

"Candles In The Rain"

"Little sisters of the sun
Lit candles in the rain"

~ Melanie Safka

Some welcome gentle rain this morning added sparkle to this tellima and heuchera. Up the lane the chestnut is already showing its candles. Some sort of Heath Robinsonesque mechanical hoist is needed to raise me into the branches to take a good photo ! Will speak to himself about it.


  1. How you doing Anna?

    No rush with the camera ~(Heath Robinson -esque;) whatever!

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. Such a wonderful combination Anna! I love Tiarella Skyrocket with it's pink tips. Sadly it is still far too early to see them here. A severe weather system moving through the area, torrential rains, tornado gust winds and a chance of hail..... I just want warm and sunny weather! Is this too much to ask???

  3. They look so pretty together. The tiarella in my garden is just about to bloom.

  4. Great shot Anna, I really have to grow more heucheras...

    Have a great Sunday in the garden/ Tyra

  5. Hi ~~ I'm trying to guess the Heuchera cultivar. There are so many lovely purple leaved ones now. I love the purple color echo in the Tiarella foliage. Great photo, Anna!

  6. I also have coral bells (and in a very similar shade!) and tiarella next to one another (great minds!), but my tiarella isn't in bloom yet. The coral bells are just waking up. Love this combo and the photo--it's the perfect setting for faeries, I think!

  7. Hi, I love this plant combination. Woodland plants are one of my favourites.

    I found my way here from Teza's garden and think I will have to come back to visit again :)

  8. Anna What a lovely plant combination even to the vein of purple down the centre of the Tellema. I do love Heuchera yet another plant I'd like more of but it does not spread very well in my garden.

  9. Hi Rob - still trying to get up into that chestnut tree :)

    Thanks Teza - hope that warm and sunny is on the cards soon.

    I like them both Catherine and think that they compliment each other nicely.

    Thanks Tyra - I had fun in the garden today as it looks as if rain is on the way for the rest of the week.

    I will have a look in the daylight Grace to see if I can find a label. I have a feeling though it might be heuchera 'Lost Labellus' :)

    Thanks Monica - it would be fun to find some faeries dancing about. I think that those plants would provide them with the ideal environment.

    Hello and welcome The Garden Ms.S and thanks for your comment. I have a soft spot for woodland plants too. Hope that you return :)

    Thanks for your comment Joanne. I seem to be fairly lucky with my heucheras except for those which I have planted in containers. The dreaded vine weevils have polished them off :(


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