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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lesson To Be Learned



'The floral elements of the garden are the bonus; the sparkle comes and goes but the constant green provides the key'
~ from 'The Garden- A Year At Home Farm' by Dan Pearson.

Back in the summer of 2003 this collection of pots stood outside our front door. This photo has reminded me that leaves can be just as effective in the garden as flowers and usually give you a longer lasting display. Maybe time for a variation on this theme this year !

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  1. What a lovely arrangement Anna. Perhaps you're agreeing with Joe Swift's comment on GW last week about green being IN?! ;)

  2. Really beautiful arrangement! Love the green stuff! Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!

  3. The different plants are very pretty grouped altogether. I know all but the spike with red on top, what is that called...a ggod L choice.

  4. Have you noticed that it's the green you see most with this changing light? Love that collection of green filled pots.
    P x

  5. So many shades of green. We still have snow so bring on the leaves...and the green.

  6. Anna, I almost always need to be reminded to think of leaves! So thank you very much...I might have to print this post and put it someplace I see every day! gail

  7. One colour can produce so many different tones and shades.

  8. I like your leaves. They are lush and lovely.

  9. I like your lush, lovely leaves too! LOL! They do look nice. I like to use them as a backdrop for brightly coloured flowers.

  10. A lovely and lush gathering of leaves. Lots of times, the leaves are more beautiful than blossoms. Enjoyed this!

  11. That's very true! I have some interesting leaves in mine - the conifers, the spotted laurel, the Bishopweed, the variegated lamium ... and I have one hosta which I keep in a pot standing in water to discourage the snails, of which we have thousands! It works quite well!

  12. Leaves are also lovely as muLch, and shredded in compost. I love leaves! And, of course, foLiage is lovely, too!

  13. "L" is also for lovely, which is what that photo is. I always forget how effect it is to put a single plant in each pot & then group the pots.

  14. Hi Anna

    They've just re-ran In the Garden with Dan Pearson over on UK TV gardens.

    It's prompted me to stick the book in my amazon basket.

    Green's the thing


  15. It is amazing, when you think of it, what a huge variety of leaves there are! very pretty arrangement.

  16. What would a garden be without leaves? Yours are lovely!

  17. Such a simple idea for L, and yet I would never have thought of it--perfect! When I first began gardening, I was all about flowers--choosing plants strictly for their blooms. But as I've "matured" as a gardener, I've realized, too, how effective beautiful foliage can be. I really like your arrangement of leafy pots, Anna.

  18. I love your photo of green things. I too have several hostas in pots some on my front doorstep. At this time of year they seem to grow a bit more each time you walk past.

  19. Thanks for all your comments which are all read and appreciated. ABCers I will visit you.

    As if VP ! :)

    Thanks Pam - yes light does play a major factor with all colours in the garden. Those pots were in a shady spot but their occupants still looked bright even on dull days :)

    Thanks for your comment Gail. I think that I will do the same myself ! It's so easy to forget these points when you are rushing around doing !

    Thanks for your comments Karen and Wendy - glad to be amongst fellow leaf lovers :)

    I had forgotten those extra bonuses Monica :)

    Thanks MMD - yes indeed sometimes less is more :)

    I wish that I had realised that this was on the box again Rob. I hope that you get to read the book one day :)

    Thanks Jan - we tend to think about flowers first but leaves are usually around much longer.

    I know what you mean about the growing as you walk past Joanne - it's magical isn't it :)


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