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Sunday, 14 June 2009


No, I am not talking about the sounds that emanates from those fuzzy foggie-toddlers but about the way I felt after attending a propagation workshop at my local nursery last Wednesday. Lodge Lane Nursery is run by Sue Beesley who won the BBC Gardener of the Year competition back in 2006. It is about a 15 minute drive away from home and an excellent source of perennial plants. Earlier in the year whilst browsing the RHS website, I noticed that Lodge Lane was running a series of propagation workshops. I thought that I would give it a go, as although I have done reasonably well in growing from seed and taking cuttings, I had my share of some abysmal failures. Sadly the spring workshop was already fully booked but there were two places left for the summer event, so I quickly booked one of those places. The morning just flew past. It started with a talk from Sue which was very informal and interactive. We then had a break for refreshments but still talked propagation. It was interesting to see Sue's notebook where she records details of seeds grown, cuttings taken as well as deliveries of plants from external sources. This was followed by a whizz round the garden to take propagating material. Back under cover to do some hands on work and put what we had learnt into practise. I came home clutching cuttings of exochorda macrantha 'The Bride', buddleia alternifolia, physocarpus 'Diablo', a golden leaved philadelphus, an anonymous but very sweet smelling buddleia, prostanthera (not sure which one) and a lonicera insularis. Alas no photos of the garden as just as we started to walk round the rain started to fall but it was looking most beautiful and full of colour.

All in all a most enjoyable and inspiring morning. I came home raring to yield my secateurs but instead had to get ready for a short trip away from home. I got back this evening so no doubt I will be looking to snip away merrily forthwith. From what I can gather each of the workshops has a seasonal bias - the spring session covered growing from seed in more depth. I will be looking out early in year to see if these sessions are repeated and hope to attend another one. I will try to put a few notes together later this week with some of the points that Sue covered.


  1. Anna, that sounds like a fun trip all the way round, and you should indeed be buzzing over someone names BEESley! ;-)

  2. Anna, how fabulous. What a nice course to go on. I shall look forward to all your "new plants" putting in an appearance on your blog.

  3. Hi Anna~~ Isn't it gratifying to see a cutting grow into a plant? My garden buddy experimented with a cutting from Rose 'Rhapsody in Blue' and gave it to me. It's blooming!

  4. Hi Anna

    I think it's really good that Sue at Lodge Lane conducts these workshops.

    I'd love to go to her nursery sometime.

    I wish it was my local.


  5. What a nice course to go on. I have been looking for something similar around here the only trouble is that I would end up taking more cuttings and would end up with even more plants and we have definately reached crisis point at the moment!!!!!

  6. Sounds like great fun, I personally like attending days like this too. My favourite was one where I learned to clip box spirals etc from field grown plants run by Langley Boxwood Nurseries, came home with a huge chicken and a 4 foot spiral that I had created myself.

    I hope your cuttings do well for you.

  7. Glad you were inspired. Remember with cuttings to take three. One for you, one that could die and one to give away, I can't remember where I read that but it has stood me in good stead over the years and many of my friends when they walk off with my surplus baby plants.
    Don't do like I do though and get so carried away I get really behind weeding the garden or end up with more plants than I have room for.


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