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Friday, 19 June 2009

A Gentle Occupation

I am enjoying these long summer evenings sitting on the edge of the wall indulging in my favourite gardening occupation ........... deadheading hardy geraniums. I have two of these particular plants which are now quite substantial in size. They make tidy hummocks at least eighteen inches tall and a couple of feet across. I am not sure which geranium it is and my hardy geranium reference book seems to have gone adrift in the bookshelf. A sanguineum perhaps? Maybe somebody might be able to help with identifying them. They always appear slightly pinker in photos than they do to the naked eye. There is something that I find quietly satisfying about this task which I try to do on a daily basis. It's amazing just how quickly the seed heads appear if any escape my attention. I wonder what gardening tasks give fellow bloggers most pleasure? Well I must away. A thunderstorm stopped me in my tracks yesterday evening, just as I was going out for my daily fix so I must wither and snip.


  1. That's committment.

    Dead heading roses is something I find satisfying.

    Enjoy your fix.

  2. I enjoy weeding. The joy of seeing the clean brown earth when the weeds are gone is second to none! Val

  3. Wow, those are some big geraniums. I admit I'm not wild about deadheading and go at mine geraniums with sheers. I know, I know... but it works!

  4. I'm with Monica, when mine start looking tatty I just cut them to the ground and start again.
    At this time of year in the evening I enjoy tying things up - the sweet peas, beans, etc
    Oh ... and eating peas :)

  5. I enjoy everything about the garden! Including deadheading. I have a geranium which looks as if it may be the same as yours, which was given to me - I haven't identified it so will be interested to know!

  6. I have a strange satisfaction from squishing aphids with my fingers. Just as well as this year seems to be a good year for them.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Goodness woman how on earth do you get time for such tasks. i can't even get round to dead heading the roses although hubby has been known to do the odd one.

    Tasks Hmm well that already sounds like something one doesn't want to do.

    Actually it is a bit love hate with my garden. Yet again I hate ground elder and tying to remove it. However if I ever get finnished I will have lots more room for all the pots down the garden to fill in the spaces. Then I can pot on moe which I suppose is one task i love doing as I don't have to bend down so much.

  8. Hi Anna~~ My reference says that it's G. sanguineum. You're so right about little seedlings popping up if they're not deadheaded. Plus I think they get to looking a little disheveled as the season passes which is right about now...


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