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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Feeling Rosy - The Sequel

Back in January I wrote about the arrival of a parcel from Peter Beales Roses - it contained a couple of bare - root plants. They did not fill me with great confidence at the time but from those twiggy sticks I now have roses ! Here is 'Blush Noisette' - now in flower. The other occupant of the parcel
'Felicite - Parmentier' is tantalisingly near to opening, so a photo will follow in due course.


  1. Your photo makes me feel rosy. I am always amazed when from seemingly nothing flowers bloom.

  2. I'm glad they're doing well.

    The roses I had from Beales are all healthy. My concern is they aren't heading upwards yet:) they're ramblers/climbers. Hopefully they'll send out some leader shoots later on.

  3. Very pretty. I always think what attractive names many roses have. Adds to their magic.

  4. Lovely Anna I had to look it up in my catalogue. Lovely, rich clove scent. It is a large shrub or small rambler so how will you grow it?

  5. Oh, how sweet! They are absolutely lovely.

  6. Oooh Anna, how lovely they look. I definitely have rose envy!
    P x

  7. Roses always look so nice in other people's gardens! :)

  8. It look like I should add 'Blush Noisette' to my wishlist!


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