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Monday, 8 June 2009

From The Plot

I worked at the allotment today where I put in a five hour session stopping only for a bite to eat. Came home feeling weary but heartened as there is all sorts going on :

First peas a podding ~

Strawberries plumping up and blushing nicely. I am growing two different varieties. Yesterday I was able to pick one of each, divide them and share with himself :) Hopefully there will be enough for a bowlful each in a few days.

Sweet peas - I picked the first few sprigs last week and today there were enough for another small vase. These are the most delightfully scented 'Matucana' which I sowed last November in the greenhouse ~

Back tomorrow weather permitting to plant sweet corn and climbing French beans. Will sleep well tonight.


  1. Love those sweet peas - they look like stained glass!

  2. Anna:
    My mouth watered at the sight of the peas, and especially the strawberries. Do you think it wrong that I check the plants at the nursery at the end of each shift for ripe fruit and eat them fast as I can? Weather here was been wet and so very cool, but the Shaded Walk looks its best thus far this year! Hope all is well with you!

  3. Five hours! You deserve a good sleep!

    Absolutely love the photo of the sweet peas. Sweet in beauty, too.

  4. Looking good. I have lots of foilage on my peas but no sign of flowers let alone pods

  5. Ooh, fresh peas and strawberries! I also love sweet peas. Our spring has been so cloudy and cool nothing much is happening here, food-wise. :(

  6. I'm hungry just looking at those peas and strawberries! Sweet Peas are a favorite and I love their smell. Mine are really slow this year along with the peas. I wonder if they'll ever bloom.

  7. I can almost smell those Sweet Peas - in my favourite colours, too.
    P x

  8. The peas and strawberries look delicious, mine aren't quite ready yet. But like you I am picking sweet-peas every time I go to the lottie now, plus for the first time I am also growing them in the garden at home, so a house full of delicious scent.


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