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Friday, 16 October 2009

An Autumn Garden

"With daffodils mad footnotes for the spring,
And asters
purple asterisks for autumn"

~ Conrad Aiken, 1889 - 1973.

A couple of days after the Malvern Autumn Show we visited a jewel of an autumn garden. We have visited this garden before but I could go back again and again. It is the The Picton Garden in Colwall near Malvern and it is home to a National Plant Collection. The plants in question are asters also known as Michaelmas Daisies. Obviously asters are very much the stars of this garden with more than 400 varieties but there are also many other late flowering perennials as well as shrubs and trees. After paying a modest entry fee of £2.50, visitors are handed a leaflet with a map and a planting plan of the individual garden areas. All the asters are labeled individually. Before leaving visitors have the opportunity to purchase plants at from the adjacent nursery which also supplies plants by mail order in spring. Here are few glimpses of the visual show that awaited us ~

Nurseryman Paul Picton has written a book ''The Gardener's Guide To Growing Asters" . I have not read this title but other books in the series are well written with plant information, ideas for planting combinations, advice on care and propagation plus excellent photographic illustrations.

I took the final photo at the allotment a week or so before visiting the Picton Garden. This aster is aster 'Little Carlow' and the butterfly is a comma. It is still flowering now and earlier this week a huge bee was having great fun tiptoeing over its flower heads gathering nectar.


  1. Lovely pix - wish I could have been there too!

  2. What a beautiful place to visit! The fall color show is incredible. I enjoyed your tour of Malvern as well, Anna. I've often wondered the same thing about vegetables I've seen on display. The harvest from my garden is quite tasty, but nothing would win a beauty prize:)

  3. What beautiful gardens. I enlarged them all to see all the detail and plants there.
    I had no idea there were over 400 varieties of asters!

  4. I am coming round to asters Anna! These are beautiful. Even the ones I have here which must be pretty basic stuff are full of butterflies and bees and looking palely fabulous.
    I had such a great time with Karen and I am thinking you might be not too far from me. Is that right? Would be good to meet you.

  5. Anna:
    You could never make me 'twitch' common names and all! Hoping that I have not offended anyone. Its funny the quirks and idiosyncracies that we all possess when it comes to gardening.
    I too love Aster'Little Carlow' and love your opinions regarding common names.... give credit where it is due. Foxgloves does elicit wonderful imagery! Take care my friend!

  6. Hi Anna~~ Your photographs are delicious. The colors and textures reveal a serious talent for garde design. No wonder you like visiting. Kudos to the Pictons. Teza has written about 'Little Carlow' but I've yet to find it in my neck of the woods. The cimicifuga and joe pye are a fabulous combination. Don't you love to visit gardens where the plants are well labeled and for

  7. What a delightful garden Anna thanks for sharing it with me. So colourful.

  8. Anna - what a delightful garden tour thank you. While the asters are lovely to see my eye was taken by the Fascicularia bicolor - I must remember that!

  9. There's such alot of colour. My garden is looking rather drab now that autumn is here. I need to get more plants which flower into autumn. There's lots of inspiration here. I love gardens where plants are on sale too, I can never resist buying.


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