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Saturday, 24 October 2009

"Feed The Birds"

I read in my newspaper on Thursday with some concern that the dry September we have experienced many parts of the U.K., may cause problems for garden birds this winter, according to the Royal Society For The Protection of Birds.

On the plus side the dry weather has produced a bumper crop of berries which will provide the birds with a great food source. However on the negative side the hard earth has sent the worms and other delicacies (slugs and snails) deep underground, making them hard for many of our garden birds to catch. Apparently blackbirds and song thrushes are already suffering. On "Feed The Birds Day" over this weekend the RSPB is asking gardeners to to feed the birds, as well as consider getting engaged in other activities that will provide sources of food for birds. This could be creating a water feature such as a pond, planting berry producing native plants, building insect boxes and setting up bird boxes. All sound advice wherever you are on the planet. For details of "Feed The Birds" events taking place this weekend throughout the country have a peek here.

Information and frequently asked questions about feeding birds can be found here and ideas to encourage birds and wildlife into your garden can be found here. I am hoping to build an insect hotel/wildlife raft at the allotment. The foundations will soon be in situ with some muscle from himself - a couple of wooden pallets, which were wrapped round my new greenhouse when it was delivered, so watch this space.


  1. Hi Anna~~ This looks like great information. Most gardeners enjoy the birds as much as the flowers and I see no reason why we can't nurture them a bit too. We've had a lot of rain here lately but the summer was fairly dry and I'm sure the birds suffered. It's so easy to, for instance, set a shallow pan of water out for them.

  2. We've had so many birds in our yard the last week or so. I didn't think about our dry weather and the birds. This is a good reminder to help the birds.

  3. I haven't started bird feeding again yet as we have had so many berries and seeds this year. Maybe I should regard your post as a kick to get out there again!

  4. Tuppins... tuppins... tuppins a bag... :)

    I love how the squirrels self seed the sunflower seeds in my yard and garden, I just let the sunflowers grow and watch the goldfinches go after them later in the season. Gives me some good flowers in unexpected places!

  5. Interesting about the weather and the birds food.

    We have a lot of grapes still on the back of the house and some of the birds do acrobats trying to eat them.

    Every time I go out the back a very grey haired blackbird scuttles down the steps into the bushes clearly he has been eating the grapes. I was worried he couldn't fly so occassionaly I pick a bunch and throw it in the bushes for him.

    Not sure what he will eat when the grapes are finnished.

  6. I've started feeding the birds again, after stopping (well, only occasionally) over the summer. I have a few shrub piles, but not a nifty insect hotel.

  7. I've been meaning to make an insect hotel all summer but it's another of those jobs which has been put off. I find that the birds love suet blocks, they can't get enough of them. Last Christmas I bought a bird feeding station as a present for my mum and dad and also my hubby's uncle. They loved the present, and I thought it was quite a practical present too, but one which goes on giving alot of pleasure when you see so many birds in the garden.

  8. The birds here still aren't bothered about the food we've put out.
    Lovely to see the long-tailed tit on your feeder - they're lovely birds.


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