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Monday, 12 October 2009

A Walled Garden

I have always fantasized about having a walled garden. During the last week of September I was able to live the dream briefly, when we had a holiday in a dinky little cottage in the village of Hanley Swan, near Malvern. The cottage was the annex of a larger house complete with its own walled garden which visitors were able to sit out in, wonder round and enjoy.

The vase of garden flowers was on the living room window sill when we arrived. Its contents looked just as fresh a week later. I was most taken with the flower with refluxed petals. Initially I thought this might be a rudbeckia but was not sure which one. I asked the owner during the week to be told it was in fact helenium "Sahin's Early Flowerer". I was delighted to be offered a plant of this to take home with me.

Directly underneath the living room window a most softly sounding water feature ~

Just round the corner on the left a sitting out area for visitors - the feet belong to himself ~

More views down the garden ~

Now dropping hints of a return visit in spring but not getting far - it's back to the campervan methinks for the Malvern Spring Show. The walled garden remains top of the wish list should we ever win the lottery.


  1. Hi Anna~~ Oooh, my favorite kind of garden: hardscape juxtaposing box hedges and mature trees and shrubs. Fabulous!

  2. Hi Anna

    Very tranquil and green.

    That was nice touch to give you a plant to take home.

  3. And himself's "head" is a rather lovely hanging basket? Our roses are in a very small walled garden. Someone once said - all gardens have walls - the four walls of the house. But that doesn't give a sense of enclosure, does it?

  4. Wonderful garden. I enlarged each picture and allowed myself to dream a bit, too.

  5. How delightful the garden is.
    I know what you mean about a walled garden we have walls on two sides but only about 4'- 3' depending on the slope and not a Walled red brick one.When we got Beth our Springer it was necessary for Mike to top it with trellis/fence and naturally the whole is well clothed with ivy roses and clematis.
    So I suppose even if I had a true walled garden I would by now not be able to see it for plants.

  6. Now that is just beautiful. I could live right there if I didn't love it right here! Gorgeous photos.

  7. It looks idyllic. I've always wanted a walled garden too!

  8. A walled garden is on my list of things to be accomplished, but I may have to settle for a trellised/fenced garden instead.

  9. Anna:
    Idyllic is a wonderful way to describe this walled garden - how absolutley tranquil. When you win the lotto we must have a grand party!

  10. I can understand why the walled garden is at the top of your list. I was wonderful and restful to see you photos. I want to go too.

  11. How serene. I especially like the sublime water feature. You must go back :)

  12. Oh Anna you are a lucky girl, it is wonderful. I simply have to go there, it is just the way I love it. Is it for sale :-) ?

    xoxo Tyra

  13. what a lovely place to stay in and how lovely to get a gift of the Helenium - and a rather lovely one too

  14. How wonderful to stay in such a place, but the highlight of the story was the Helenium for me. Must look into that one. A walled garden is a sweet dream of mine too, such a secret spot with the protection of the walls, what plantings could be done in there. Ahhh. :-)


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