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Monday, 19 October 2009

A Quintessentially English Garden

Mill Dene Garden in the Cotswolds village of Blockley, in Gloucestershire was our destination one afternoon in late September. I had read about this garden more than once in gardening magazines and realising that we were staying nearby, prevailed upon himself to whizz me there to see it for myself. I promised that the afternoon tea and cake would be on me.

I liked this atmospheric and shady nook which we came across soon after entering the garden ~

A hole in the hedge can certainly open up the view ~

Oh what's going on here ? Are we about to aboard a train and if so in which direction shall we head ?

Opting for Stoke and Derby on the premise that Crewe and Manchester are almost home territory, we find ourselves not on platform 7, but in the herb garden complete with this summer house ~

I would have been happy to take it home with me. Down some steps and onto the cricket lawn with its herbaceous borders ~

with original benches from Lord's cricket ground and its very own pavilllion. Oh to be able to have an 11th century church peering down on your garden ! ~

Then it was time for tea and homemade cake for himself and glass of lemonade for me as we sat by the pond basking in some warm autumn sunshine ~

In conclusion I liked the quirkiness and individual touches that were apparent throughout the garden which was developed from scratch by its owners. Maybe late September was not the best time to visit in terms of the number of plants out in flower, but then I now have the perfect excuse for a return visit in mid summer when this garden would probably be at its best. Have not informed himself yet !


  1. It looks like a great garden I love the shady nook and the summer house so inviting. The Church makes such a great backdrop I hope they have church bell ringing.

  2. What a great looking garden! As you know I love individuality in the garden and this one appears to be a true reflection of it's owner.

    I adore the tall Aeonium's and the stone trough in the herb garden! I also love the topiary and the way it is used informally.

    Great post!


  3. Anna, I love that garden, thanks for posting the photo's for us to see. The summer house with the clock is so lovely. I want to paint the inside of my summerhouse and that colour would be perfect.

  4. I'd love to be able to see that garden in person. Thanks for the great tour!

  5. What a lovely unique garden! I'd love to visit this, it looks so atmospheric.

  6. Anna, Indeed, an unusual garden. The little garden shed is my favorite.

  7. It looks very attractive. I like the little summerhouse with the large Aeoniums outside.

  8. Oh I love Mill Dene, it is a fab garden. I went earlier this year when all the Alliums were in their full glory. I shall be visiting again next year. A gem of a garden.

    RO :o)

  9. A gorgeous and personal garden. Your photos really do it justice - particularly in capturing the moody light in the first two photos.


  10. Anna, I agree with your title "A Quintessentially English Garden", not on the grand scale but full of ideas. I have only visited once but would love to go again - any time of the year would be fine.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  11. Hi Anna~~ Well, quirkiness is good. I love the greens and the air of antiquity with the stonework. The British quintessence? The last photo is my favorite. It has all the elements I love: water, stone, green shrubbery, lawn and flowers, wrought iron. Love the raised urns and the topiary box. Thank you for the tour.

  12. Truly a wonderful garden. But if it's so quintessentially English, where's the gnome?! LOL!


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