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Thursday, 8 October 2009

OOTS - French Finale

Earlier this week I posted a contribution to VP's ongoing 'Out On The Streets' theme . I posted about some of the plantings we came across this summer in Normandy and Brittany. Here by a way of a postcript are the photos that I inadvertently deleted from the original post and could not retrieve at the time. This roadside planting certainly made an impact as we approached the town of Cleguerec or Klegereg - the former being the French name for the town and the later the Breton name. It was mid morning on the last day of July. The road was oh so quiet and we were able to park and walk back along the verge to take photos.

Lastly an example of container planting in the streets of Roscoff. Hopefully fingers crossed we will return to France in the not too distant future, possibly travelling further afield and again enjoying the flair the French have for planting out on the streets.


  1. Thanks for serving out a third OOTS helping Anna! Don't those roadside verges look great?

  2. Love the verges. We were in Provence last week and the public planting in small towns was fantastic. I didn't have a camera as mine has just given up the ghost but wish I had.
    Why can't we do it better here?

  3. I love these photos, Anna. I'm glad you were able to retrieve them. Now that you're home, are you enjoying the "house that himself built"?

  4. Those verges are so pretty, and the container planting looks good too.

  5. The flowers are so pretty growing in front of the stone wall, love the planter too.

  6. Hi Anna

    There's no holding back on French public planting, that's for sure. Is that Corncockle I see in one of the pics?

  7. The roadside planting is so beautiful. Not seen anything that can really compare, although I have to say the wild strips on the side of the slip road to the Botley Interchange on the outskirts of Oxford do have some lovley wild flowers and autumnal trees and teasel. I know as I spend many hours staring at them whilst I queue in traffic. They don't compare to those though, thank you for posting.

    RO :o)

  8. Thanks for the road trip! France looks so lovely--I really regret not going there at all when I lived so near in Stuttgart.


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