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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What's Afoot ?


~ is the time for my natty Crocs to go into hibernation until next spring. Having larger than average feet (size 7) and wide ones at that, I often wish that I could be shod like a horse. Shopping for shoes is no fun - dainty shoes and perilously high heels are out for me so I have spent my life in flatties. When I discovered Crocs my feet purred, but is getting too cool and damp for wearing them outdoors now. I must put them aside for the time being and seek alternative footwear :( What type of shoes are your feet most comfortable in ?

P.S. Note all those naughty weeds, self seeders and nasties in my lawn - I need to be nifty and nullify them soon.

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  1. I've never worn crocs - I tend to wear shoes that are closed in or I lose them!!

    I'm comfortable in all my flat winter boots (though not all at once - makes me sound like a centipede!:) My current faves are some chunky red suede ankleboots and of course my wellies!

    Several pairs of teeteringly high boots adorn the house like ornaments - these are ones I wear for special occasions - definitely not very comfortable - but survivable if not much striding around is required!

  2. Yes feet can be such a problem to shoe. When you find something that is comfortable it is sad when the season chanhes and you have to find something else.

  3. Never ever worn them, I'm more a high heels girl, well when I'm not working.

  4. Never have I worn the crocs...I wear handmade deerskin moccasins.
    They are divine....

  5. Oh a bit of a shoe fetish here, but I do love your socks! Crocs are not for me, for gardening I wear sloggers, a rubber clog type shoe or Muck boots, perfect for keeping feet dry and warm. For everyday I am wearing uggs, boots or moccasin types lined with sheepskin, or in summer ugg flip flops with the same lining. Zappos online. Heavenly.


  6. I don't wear crocs as I have to wear shoes that support my back. And even my "flip-flops" are special in that they fit the sole well and have wider than average straps so I don't "flip-flop." And you must be very tiny if you think size 7 is larger than average for shoes!

  7. Did you ever try clogs? The Dutch ones which are all closed in? Some people swear by them and with a good pair of socks you can wear them summer and winter!

  8. Never mind the natty crocs - what about the nifty socks!

    I wear walking sandals in the summer and walking boots in the winter - and I have very wide feet too

    Thanks for small packet that has recently plopped through my letter box.
    Very big hug

  9. I have a pair of what I refer to as JC sandals - open in toe and back with the softest leather imaginable. They are now 15 years old, complete with screws to hold them together, but they are still my favourite and I will be wearing them well into November, or until snow falls.
    Typically they are the only gardening footwear I can tolerate - been known on many occasions to do it bare foot!

  10. I've never worn Crocs but have worn clogs and loved them but kept turning my ankle in them, so now I wear my running shoes most of the time. Good support. Great post for the letter N.

  11. Love the socks! I'm a barefoot girl, but when I have to wear shoes, I'm best with something that laces. I have noticed many people of all ages wearing crocs; they must be comfortable.

  12. After I graduated from spike heels, shoes became a problem. I'd rather be barefoot but it's miserable in the winter. A pair of crocs came into my life during the summer and I've debated about wearing them into winter - they don't slip on slick spots, easy on and off and with heavy socks are so comfy - I'll wear them as long as I can. My socks are similar but with pastel colors!

  13. I don't wear crocs, but I hate closed in shoes. I wear flip flop type shoes in summer (without socks) and ankle boots (with socks) in winter.

  14. I so hate shopping for shoes that many of mine are old and tested. Once I find some I like, I tend to go back and buy the same ones again in different colors. When I commuted early to work I occasionally showed up in mismatched ones.

  15. Clever alliterations, Anna. Your crocs are cool but those SOCKS, wow. They really make the outfit. In fact I was so busy looking at your feet, I didn't notice the lawn you say is so terrible. It looks great to me.

    I'm a total flip-flop gal in summer. In winter I wear a pair of slip ons. Not fancy.

  16. Hi Anna

    Don't bother too much about the lawn. Mine is choc full of clover etc. and I reckon it's easier to look after than 'pure' grass.

    Anyway, those crocs, I've heard they're super comfy but putting them away for the winter is a true mark that the growing season has ended, just like the clocks going back.

  17. Hi Anna~~ Back again to answer your question about the Pennisetum. Similar to P. rubrum, it isn't cold hardy. It wasn't a cheap plant so I am really determined to keep it alive, indoors over the winter. We'll see. This year was the first I knew of it. Next year it will be on sale at your local grocery store. :) It seems to go like this, here anyway.

  18. I love those socks! I'm all about comfort. I used to like Clarks but they've gone too fashionable/less comfy imho. I mostly wear Mary Jane trekkers and mocs from Land's End. They make fleece-lined Crocs here, by the way!


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