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Friday 20 February 2009

Back To The Plot

Just back from the allotment and warming up with a cup of coffee. My first visit of the year - the cold weather and a stiff neck/shoulders did not lend themselves to such activity before now. It has really warmed up over this last week and last night himself suggested a visit. He is building me some more raised beds which will increase what I can grow this year. So an early lunch and off we toddled. It was a pleasure to walk down the newly resurfaced central path, which has recently replaced the pot-holed and muddy ground that we had to negotiate before.

Himself beavered away down at one end - see legs in photo below :

I had a good look round to see what had happened since last December when I went to see if there were any sprouts to pick for our Christmas dinner. I have described my disappointment in another post here. Two months on and the sprouts had grown but they are still on the meagre side. They are a variety called 'Red Rubine' which although apparently very tasty only produce a small yield of small sprouts. I can vouchsafe for that. I have picked some which we will eat over the weekend. My autumn planted garlic is all through and looking most happy, but the autumn planted 'Red Baron' onion sets are not laughing. There are some noticeable gaps in the planting.

The cold weather has polished off several cerinthe seedlings as well as flattened some dianthus. The wallflowers are fine. Daffodils are coming through the soil along with a myriad of weed seedlings. Once more I attempting to be a national collection holder.

Rhubarb is emerging so it will not be long until the first crumble of the season:

After much ooooing and aaaaahing I got on with weeding one of the beds in readiness to plant more onion sets. I might retune tomorrow to do this. A few folk were down there making the most of a fine February afternoon so there was a bit of gossip to catch up on. Before we left I found out that I will be losing my neighbour who has been a most excellent neighbour. He has moved away from the area so a new tenant will take over his plot soon. I wonder who it will be. I really enjoyed the time we spent there, and have come home full of renewed enthusiasm for the season ahead. I and am now heading off for a shower as I have come home not smelling like roses. Another plot holder has a wood burning stove which he lit, so my hair is now delicately wood smoked to put it mildly.


  1. Mmmmm, rhubarb crumble! Please let me know when it's ready.

  2. Coming home smelling of woodsmoke - it could be worse! I spent last weekend barrowing muck about. I do like your raised beds.

  3. Isn't it just wonderful to be back on the plot?

    I was up there last Sunday and put some muck on the rhubarb, plus an upturned bucket to get those first lovely pink sticks. I never get as far as putting them in a crumble...

  4. Ummm - rhubarb crumble! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed rhubarb. The rest of my family all say "yuk!"

  5. I'm on the waiting list for an allotment but they havent even given an idea of how long this might be! My rhubarb is up and has its first leaf - already looking forward to crumble!

    By the way your notes on plant sales were very helpful and I think I am getting the bug as I keep spotting plants that I can divide and thinking I wonder if I can bulk that in time for the sale!!

  6. I find it interesting sharing plots to grow your own! I suppose it is a great way to encourge gardening and the love of it! Raised beds ah..yes not as difficult to get up once you get down...arthritis hurts when gardening! Argh!

  7. Yes such an exciting time Rob.

    I will give you a bit of notice Monica - don't want to burn it ! Do you like custard ?

    Perhaps woodsmoke is preferable HM :) I like my raised beds too - himself made them for me. True love !

    It was great getting back there VP :) I must have a go at forcing some of mine one day. I inherited three good clumps !

    Wendy, all the more for you then :)

    Hope that you don't have to wait long for an allotment plot PG. You can always read up on the subject whilst you wait and make some plans of what you would like to grow. Glad that you found the plant sales notes helpful :)

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment Naturegirl . I must admit that I find it more difficult to get up from tending those beds than I did when I started :)


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