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Thursday 5 February 2009

'Just Perfick'

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A cold day here - we woke to a white blanket on the ground, and it snowed for most of the morning. It seemed a fitting day to turn the last pumpkin from the 2008 allotment harvest into an edible deliciousness. We have an understanding. I grow them so himself cooks them. So for lunch we sat down down to a bowl of most yummy soup. All that was missing was some crusty granary bread and butter, but then their absence was better for the waistline I tell myself. Enough left over to fill three containers for the freezer, which will be enjoyed as and when the need for soup calls. If the weather continues in the same vein it won't be long !


  1. Hi Anna - how satisfying to cook something from your own garden. The soup looks very appetising - wish I had been at yours this lunchtime - bread or no bread

  2. Unfortunately I left my last pumpkin in the garage and it turned to mush because of the cold. Mind you I've already got loads of frozen soup so it's probably just as well!

  3. Yum! Lots of snow today - the most we've had for 25 years apparently :)

  4. Oh my--it looks delicious and especially when I'm sitting here starving. That's a pretty nice set up where you grow and he cooks.

  5. Hi Anna, that looks really nice and perfect on a cold February day.
    I didn't have great luck with the pumpkins 2008 I think it was too dry weather. I hope this year will be better so that I too will be able to feast on a bowl of delicious soup in February.

    I wish you a great weekend.

    Take care/ Tyra

  6. Ummmm - I love winter soups. Lucky you to still be able to pick pumpkins. We are totally covered in snow, but I've heard you have snow too. I hope it melts soon.

  7. I love pumpkin soup, and intend to grow lots more this year. I roasted my pumpkin before making my soup and it was delicious. Yours looks yummy. I even managed to puree some and freeze it, then made a pumpkin pie with some of the puree, it's the first time I have tasted pumpkin pie and it was lovely.

  8. YUM! I love soups in the wintertime - plus crusty bread! Looks delicious! :-)

  9. You would have been more than welcome to
    a bowl Patientgardener :)

    Easygardener, this one would have not lasted much longer. It was a case of needs must.

    As usual the worst of the snow seems to have bypassed us VP but it was definitely soup weather !

    Welcome and thanks for your comment Flowergardengirl. Hope that you eat soon. I think that we've got it right. I would rather grow than cook and vice versa as far as himself is concerned :)

    It was just perfect for the weather Tyra. Wishing you better pumpkin growing conditions in 2009 !

    Wendy, I picked my pumpkins in October. Since then they have been stored in a cold room just waiting to be turned into soup :) Our little bit of snow has evaporated now.

    Himself also roasts the pumpkins before turning them into soup Maureen. I have never tried pumpkin pie but it looks delicious. Maybe this year :)

    Thanks Shadygardener :)


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