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Sunday 1 February 2009

GBMD - 'Snowdrop Time'

'Ah,hush tread softly through the rime,
'For there will be a blackbird singing,or a thrush
Like coloured beads the elmbuds flush:
All the trees dream of leaves and flower and light,
And see ! The northern bank is much more white
Than frosty grass, for now is snowdrop time

- Mary Webb 1811 -1927.

This is my February contribution for Garden Bloggers' Muse Day which falls on the first day of each month. Garden Bloggers' Muse Day was started by Carolyn Gail at her blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, where there are links to other February poems.


  1. I see we've both posted snowdrops this weekend :)

    But then we both took the to the desert island, so perhaps it's not so surprising!

  2. Very nice Anna, they really have a special beauty, kind of clean and innocent looking.

    Have a nice sunday evening/ Tyra

  3. A lovely post for Muse Day, Anna!

  4. A beautiful poem, but alas, we only have snow here on our hill, the snowdrops probably won't be joining us until at least April! I've posted a very different kind of poem.

  5. Anna,
    What a great blog you have. I've come your way from the muse day postings. So many of us celebrate the snowdrops. Beautiful picture of them here. And I enjoyed reading about Mary Webb. She's a new name for me (also love your Hans Christian Anderson quote from a couple postings back).

  6. A lovely poem and a great photo, I like the way the light is catching the snowdrops.

  7. Very pretty. I love snowdrops, but we are buried in snow and won't see them for a while yet.

  8. I can't resist them VP :)

    Thanks Tyra - they do indeed have something quite special about them.

    Welcome Joey, Pat and Ann and thanks for your comments.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed the poem Joey.

    You have a long wait then to see the snowdrops Pat. Here they have been out for a week or so. We have just have had our first snow of the winter so the snowdrops are invisible this morning. I will be over to see your February muse later.

    Thanks for your compliment Ann - it is much appreciated. Snowdrops certainly deserve celebrating for coming out in the middle of the winter :) I have also enjoyed finding out more about Mary Webb.

    Glad that you enjoyed the poem Mo. It was sheer good luck that the sun was shining when I took the photo :)

    Thanks Wendy - I hope that you do not have too long a wait before your snowdrops peek out from beneath the cover of snow.

  9. We can't grow snowdrops where I live, so we grow summer snowflakes instead. Your poem and photo remind me that it should not be too long before I see these sweet, little flowers in the garden. Spring really seems to be on its way.

    Always Growing

  10. Dear Anna,

    Thank you for that refreshing picture of snowdrops and the lovely poem for GBMD.

    I'm hoping that we'll be enjoyjing the real thing very soon.

  11. That was well done. And we'll be enjoying those early flowers before long. :-)

  12. Jan, what a shame that you miss out on snowdrops but snowflakes are lovely too. Glad that that there are signs of spring in your part of the world.

    Thanks for visiting Carolyn. I enjoyed reading the other poems on GBMD.

    Welcome Shady Gardener and thanks for your comment. Hope it's not too long a wait for you now, but I am sure you will agree they are well worth waiting for :)


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