greentapestry : 'Daisy,Daisy,Give Me Your Answer Do!'

Tuesday 10 February 2009

'Daisy,Daisy,Give Me Your Answer Do!'



'If I had my life to live over,
I would start barefoot earlier in the spring
and stay that way later in the fall.
I would go to more dances.
I would ride more merry-go-rounds.
I would pick more daisies.'

- attributed to Nadine Stair.

I think that the word daisy must have entered my vocabulary at an early age. My father always used to sing when he had his morning shave. Nearly every morning his repertoire included 'Daisy Bell', the chorus of which is still imprinted on my mind :

'Daisy Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'll look sweet on the seat
Of a bicycle built for two !'

Delightful, dainty and dazzling here here are one or two of my favourite daisies starting with erigeron mucronatus (see photo above), which is rather an ugly name for a most pretty little plant. It was previously known as erigeron karvinskianus, which although a mouthful seemed a more attractive name. It hails from Mexico. This plant flowers for months starting here sometimes as early as March, and continues until the first hard frost. Despite its innocent appearance it should come with a government health warning. Margery Fish writes in 'Cottage Garden Flowers' that 'no one minds how many new seedlings appear each year' but I beg to disagree. It will self seed prolifically everywhere, and the seedlings seem to dig their heels in thoroughly at any attempt to extract them. I always chuckle wryly when I see it for sale at exorbitant prices in catalogue and in nurseries.

A daisy that I only purchased last year is Leucanthemum x.superbum Sonnenschein ("Sunshine") but I am sure that it is going to be a favourite. I am not a big fan of bright yellow flowers, but I can be persuaded to grow the paler, softer yellows. I am sure that I am missing out here on some great plants but we all have our foibles. I fell for 'Sonneseschein' on a visit to a beautiful garden last year on a perfect summers day, so just had to buy it when we left via the nursery. I do not have a photo yet but one can be seen along with other desirable daisies at the Special Perennials nursery website here. This Cheshire based nursery are coming to give a talk to our garden club later this year which I am really looking forward to.

Last but not least probably my favourite members of the daisy family - Michaelmas daisies. These are great plants for attracting butterflies flowering around the feast of St.Michael which falls on 29th September :

'The Michaelmas daisy among dead weeds,
Bloom for St.Michael's valorous deeds'

My father was going to be a Michael but arrived a day too late. The photos below were taken late last September when himself and I visited The Picton Garden, Colwall, Malvern in Worcestershire, home to the NCCPG National Collection of Michaelmas daisies. The gardens were ablaze with autumn colour - daisies, other later flowering perennials and some interesting shrubs. There was an adjacent nursery well stocked with Michaelmas daisies, but sadly not the one I had set my heart on by the name of 'Photograph', which I found on asking is very difficult to propagate. I was advised that they may have some in the future. Well there's the perfect excuse for a return visit.

This is my entry for this week's ABC Wednesday. More posts featuring the letter D can be enjoyed here.


  1. Your daisies are very very "daisyrable" (désirable). cf Charles Aznavour 's song "you're the one for me for me???"

  2. Hi Anna, these small Daisies that grows in the lawns are a favourite of mine I actually take the seeds and plant them everywhere.
    We call them 'tusensköna' thousand beauties.

    Great post.

    Have a Happy ABC Wednesday.



  3. Love your daisies. I too chuckle when I see daisies and other flowers for sale at nurseries, when all you have to do is pick them by the roadside or raid a neighbour's garden.

  4. A lovely post Anna about one of our oft overlooked flowers. I was thinking of putting some Erigon in the small gaps of my garden steps, but on second thoughts...

  5. Delightful poem, song , garden and photos !

  6. Your daisy photos are beautiful...I esp like the white in the first photo...enjoyed the info...

  7. Beautiful pictures, Anna! D is also for Dream - and I am dreaming about the summer! Thanyou for bringing me there :)

  8. I'm looking forward to daisies blooming in my gardens, that's for sure. Perfect D word. ;-)

  9. You have an absolutely gorgeous garden full of wonderful daiseys. this is a great choice for the letter D.

  10. The photos of the Malvern gardens are absolutely gorgeous! I haven't had much luck with daisies until this year. I planted a "Becky" shasta daisy which did extremely well. I've seen the Sonnenschein you mention in catalogs and agree it's a beauty.

    I should print out that poem and hang it on my wall as a reminder every day:)

  11. Great choice and I love the daisy even if I don't know that much about them.

  12. Beautiful! I'm so looking forward to an end to the snow and cold, even though I don't have anything nearly as magnificent as what you've posted! These images are delightful!

  13. Pentastic !!! Beautiful flowers and delightful post :)

  14. I also like daisies and I am fond of all composites. I wanted to have marguerites or oxeye daisies in my bridal bouquet, but they don't last long enough . Therefore I got white gerberas, which were very beautiful.

  15. This was wonderful,and Daisies are beautiful flowers.

  16. These photos made me instantly smile, Anna. I love all daisy-type flowers too, even the wild ox-eye daisies that can get a bit...overenthusiastic. But that first picture from the Picton garden? WOW! What a feast of jewel-colours.

  17. Lovely post. Love daisies. Used to weave them into 'crowns' when I was little.

  18. Hi!
    Beautiful "D"! I love daises! I like the white ones with the yellow centers. Have a great day!!


  19. Lovely daisies, and beautiful photos. Interesting information about daisies, too. Thanks. A very nice "D."

  20. Hi Anna.......I to love daisies....they are such a pretty flower.....I even like them in my lawn mixed with buttercups and clover, perfect......

  21. I do love Michaelmas daisies, but I confess my favourites are the white ones we call weeds, which grow in the grass.

  22. beautiful photos of one of my favorite flowers. I almost chose Daisy as my D post, as well.

  23. I do feel that summer is just around the corner when the daisies on the lawn start to grow well.
    I like the top picture.

  24. I used to hear that song as well! I've also been guilty of singing it to my children (and now my grandchildren!) ;-) What a beautiful place to visit. I can quite understand the need to return.

  25. I don't know if you do the tagging thing, but I thought I would tag you. Join in if you wish, the instructions are on my blog

  26. Beautiful photographs, I love daisies of any kind.

  27. Thanks all for your lovely comments. I am glad that you enjoyed my daisies. Fellow ABCers - it has been great meeting so many of you. I think that I have got round to most of your blogs and left a comment. If I missed you out my sincere apologies !

    Welcome Rhiannon and thanks for the tag. I will try and post soon :)


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