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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Feeling Rosy Again

Well, despite the BBC weather forecast of cloud and the temperature reaching the dizzying heights of 7 degrees centigrade today, my early morning shopping trip saw chilly rain. I was hoping to get out at some point today to do some tidying up in the garden, but will have to play the wait and see game. If it was July and wet I would put a raincoat to venture out, but not on Valentine's Day.

Whilst I still wait in hope for a bunch of flowers, box of choccies etc., etc. I thought that I would write of roses, a most suitable flower for today. Back in January I wrote here about the arrival of a parcel from Peter Beales Roses, which bought contained two bare root roses.

Having already posted about the first rose 'Felicite Parmentier', now is the turn of the second occupant of the parcel. This rose is headed for my allotment. Truth to be told it was not my first choice. The rose that I was originally thinking of grows in a fellow allotmenteer's plot. For about three weeks in June, perhaps just spilling over into July it makes a dazzling display. When I first spoke to S. to tell how much I liked the rose and to ask its name he could not remember it. This year I asked if I could take some photos to help me identify the rose which he kindly allowed me to do. A couple of these photos can be seen at the top of this post. Before I had the opportunity to do some research, S. called me over one day to show me the label which he had found located in the midst of its brambles. S's rose is the 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' which as well as having such beautiful blooms is also scented - a must for me if I was plant a rose at the allotment. I was sorely tempted but then my raptures over this rose were rudely dented by the voice of reason. 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' can grow up to 40ft high ! It would need constant pruning to make sure that it did not turn into a monster, and incur the wrath of the allotment police. It would also need support - another job on the list for himself. What finally made me to decide it was not to be is when S. told me what a nightmare it is to prune as it is unbelievably thorny. So instead I decided to be content with viewing S's rose every time I go down the allotment path, and that I would plant another rose.

So after much deliberation and catalogue browsing I plumped for 'Blush Noisette'. I have seen this flowering before but am unable to find the photo I thought I took. She can be grown as a shrub or a small climber to about 10ft, so will be easier to care for. The flowers are white blushed with pink, apparently repeat flowering and she is scented. I can't wait to see her flower.

Whilst at the keyboard I have ventured into the kitchen to make coffee I noticed that the rain has stopped so I might yet get my hands dirty :)


  1. Hi Anna, lovely Rose photos. Funny I think my hands are much too clean, I want to get dirty too. But instead of your rain I have -5 C and it is freeeezing cold outside.

    Have a lovely, cozy indoors Valentine's day/Tyra

  2. Hello Anna

    I think you've made a couple of great choices.

    I really like the fact that you're decorating your allotment as well.


    PS Enjoyed your post on Mexican daisy too.

  3. Dear Anna,
    I participated in Bloom Day, too, from Austin Texas (Linda/Central Texas Gardener). What a kick that you have Viburnum tinus blooming the same time as mine. Linda (I'm sending your URL and Hortensia's to my mom-in-law, who was born in Scotland and spent many years in London)

  4. Brrrrrr - it does sound cold in your neck of the woods Tyra, but spring can't be far off I tell myself :) Hope that you enjoyed Valentine's Day.

    Thanks Rob. Must have flowers at the lottie too :)

    Hi Linda and welcome. It's nice to meet you. As you say it is amusing to think that our viburnums are flowering at the same time in such different climates. If anything ours is late this year. Hope to meet your mother- in-law too :)


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