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Sunday 15 February 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - February 2009

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This is my first Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and I was struggling to find plants in flower ! As you can see I like my snowdrops. I have a few named ones which are usually strutting their stuff by now, but this colder than usual winter has delayed their opening. With the slightly warmer weather of the last couple of days my favourites should be open in the next week or so. I have one crocus showing a sliver of colour, but it was only just peeking out at the world. I did not want to give it a complex by taking its photo.

So here we go :

Top row from left to right : snowdrops in garden, pulmonaria
'Rubra Redstart', helleborus orientalis.
Middle row from left to right : galanthus nivalis 'Blewbury Tart', heuchera 'Jade Gloss', galanthus 'Green tips lost labelus'.
Bottom row from left to right : viburnum tinus, more snowdrops in garden,galanthus nivalis 'The Walrus'

in case anyone wants a better reccie clicking on the photo will reveal a larger image.

There are many beautiful blooms to be admired and to be added to the wish list at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Lovely flowers Anna. I think snowdrops could be your 'signature' plant :)

  2. You have many more flowers than we do here in Pennsylvania! Thanks for sharing your lovely collage, Anna, and welcome to Bloom Day. May it be the first of many.

  3. Lovely pics - my Hellebore flowers havent quite opened yet and my snowdrops are struggling to show willing. Mine are the common garden ones collected from my Mum's garden which have spread. However, I have noticed more and more bloggers have some unusual ones and I am beginning to feel I may have to participate in this!!!!

  4. Oh, you have many more flowers than we have in Sweden! My Snowdrops are the only one showing right now / gittan

  5. In my garden, the snowdrops are blooming too. (I don't know which ones... apart from the common Galanthus nivalis I do have some others, but don't ask me which ones...)
    But over here, winter has been (or is still) longer and colder than usual, so my Garden Blogger's Bloom Day list was shorter than my last year's February list...

    (My helleborus isn't showing herself yet.)

  6. You've inspired to get out there with my camera and really focus on what is in flower right now, instead of thinking about what will be in flower eventually.

    P x

  7. Hiya Anna,

    Pleased to make your acquaintance. But I have to confess to an ulterior motive: If you are molluscfree, I want to be your friend :-)

    How do you do it.

    The Heuchara is very decorative.

  8. I love all your snowdrops, they inspire me to get more to plant for next year, since I've only got one blooming right now.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. A lovely poster of your blooms and when enlarged I can see how great a series of photos you've taken of your beauties! Oh to remember to order snowdrops this summer...they are lovely with that bit of green~~gail

  10. Yes, I would like to order a poster please. What a nice display.

  11. Lovely blooms, Anna! Here it is still much too early to have anything blooming, but I am certainly regretting not planting any snowdrops last fall. I will have to correct that this year--they would fit right in my garden, especially the Galanthus "Green Tips lost labelus" :)

  12. I once read a book named Cindy's Snowdrops. I should really get some of those! I wish I had some flowers blooming over here. At least I can enjoy the flowers growing in other people's gardens. Nice to meet you!

  13. "reccie"? I know it must mean "look," but that's not a Britishism I've heard. As long as I've been blogging, I haven't done a GBBD either as I either have no blooms or I never remember it unil after the 16th of the month or so. I do plan to post a GBBD sometime yet today, though! Love all your blooms.

  14. How neat that you have different kinds of Snowdrops. I love them all. Your Hellebore is a beautiful color. I can't wait for Hellebore season to start here.

  15. Those are lovely blooms and foliage. I hope my snowdrops do as well as yours once the real snow melts.

    I like your header collage, and the bloom one.

  16. Really lovely bloom day. You have a lot going on for February.~~Dee

  17. What a beautiful collection! How do you photograph your white flowers? I tried to get some this morning for my shots, but they always come out overexposed. Yours came out so nice!

  18. Thanks for your lovely comments. It's been great meeting so many of you. I think that I have visited most other Garden Bloggers's Bloom Day participants and have left a comment on your blog. If I haven't I will be visiting very soon :) I really enjoyed seeing what is flowering in different parts of the world. A special thanks to Carol who makes it possible.

    Dreamybee - sorry but I can't give you any advice. I often have the same problem. I think it was just pure luck on the day :)

  19. Love your collage;) (I made one too)...
    I love that Rubra Redstart, what a lovely color.
    You have many more blooms in your garden than I do. I had to go out and buy some indoor plants just so I could have some color!!!


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