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Monday 16 February 2009

That Magical Moment

Lengthening days, a gradual warming up, an order for some hellebores, seed sorting and the first sowing have been the order of the week gone by.

Earlier in the week I met a couple of friends for lunch. D. is a hellebore fanatic who grows a wide variety in her garden. She tempted me by mentioning a seller that she had come across on eBay, selling hellebore plug plants at a reasonable price. She had ordered and had received the plants within a couple of days. She was impressed by the size and sturdiness of the plants. So further investigation when I returned home resulted in me ordering five picotee hellebores and five anemone centred ones. They have still to flower so hopefully next year I will be in for some pleasant surprises.

Yesterday was that magical moment when I turned my heated propagator on! I have moved it into the greenhouse and there are cerinthe major seeds and nicotiana mutablis seeds in residence. Hopefully later today there will be other occupants to join them. Sometime this week I intend to draw up a definitive list of seeds, sowing times etc. Exciting times ahead !

Saturday 14th February - sunrise : 07.16, sunset :17.14.
Saturday 21st February - sunrise : 07.02, sunset :17.27.


  1. I love hellebores too, Anne, I think they are wonderful plants. How exciting your new plants, looking forward to seeing what colours they are, I hope you get a nice selection. I have a guest post on hellebores due out today, on

    Best wishes Sylvia

  2. I draw up a list of sowing every year and then forget it or loose it. This year I have just sorted the seeds into months going for the earliest month with the expectation I will be late. I took your advice and have today ordered some plant labels from ebay - definately much cheaper.

  3. Lovely Anna, pg says something about plant labels, tell me more, I'm looking for some good white ones.


  4. Yes I've just organised my "seeds to sow soon" in the little container I use. Once you get the first seeds in the year has begun. I must dust off my propagator too!

  5. I'm afraid I'm pretty sad - my seeds are sorted into date order, then entered into the log when they were sown, when they germinate, when they get moved on and off the heat pad, etc, etc. Sad- but happy!
    P x

  6. I also love hellebores, but have not grown any. :( Those are very cute slippers! (I'm also not much into houseplants... people keep giving them to me and I keep giving them away...)

  7. Today, I planted three Helleborus foetidus in my garden (they are native wildflowers here in Belgium, so I wanted to have them in my wild garden). On thursday I'll publish a blogpost about them (with English translation) ;-).

  8. I bought my very first Hellebore a few weeks ago and it looks lonely, so I guess I need to buy some more, they are so expensive though.
    It is exciting isn't it thinking of all the seeds to sow and then the pride when they start peeping throught the compost. I never cease to be amazed by nature when I see my first seedling emerge.

  9. Hello Sylvia - I read your guest post last night and really enjoyed it. You have some real gems in your garden ! I am still waiting for my parcel to arrive :)

    I start with good intentions Patientgardener but often go astray :) I am glad that you found a good source for plant labels and have saved some pennies.

    Tyra, I have been able to get cheaper plant labels from sellers on eBay, than I can get locally. I use plastic white labels which are four inches long. You can get the plant name on one side, and for the plant sales I sell at I can squeeze a bit of information on the other side.

    I feel the same way too Easygardener. It's the start of a new year and so exciting :)

    Pam, you do not sound 'sad' at all but very organised. That is where I would like to be. I am most envious as you must have some brilliant records to refer to !

    Thanks for your comment about my slippers Monica - I will tell them :) Unfortunately my feet could not be described as cute :) I wonder how hellebores would do in your winters, but if they would grow it is well worth planting them.

    The hellebores sound a lovely addition to your garden Anne. I will visit your blog later this week to gave a peek at them :)

    Yes hellebores can be expensive Maureen but I think that they are worth it. They can last for years :) Growing from seed is my favourite gardening activity, and as you say so amazing when they germinate. It never ceases to thrill me.

  10. Hi Anna.
    I started seed sorting yesterday but didn't get very far. Still on the "To do" list. I'm interested in your heated propagator and what it looks like. I have propagation mats that I set seeds on in plastic baggies. Would like to hear more about your propagator!

  11. Yep - it's that time of year (nearly) although I have to confess to sowing my first seeds - Verbena Hastata and I keep running my fingers over the veg seed packets!


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