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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cutting Edge Decisions !

I am not sure why but last week's diary entry never materialised, so trying to recap on a fortnight is quite a challenge to the old grey matter. The most traumatic event has been the demise of my secateurs ! Now these were not the pair of Felcos that I hanker after but a cheap pair that I have treated rather roughly. They have been put down and forgotten about and left out in all sorts of elements, both here in the garden as well as at the allotment. They have been dropped, trodden on and have tackled all sorts of jobs with never a single complaint until one of the handles snapped earlier this week. There is alas no hope of resuscitation so I am now have to find a replacement. Now the dilemma is that I do have a spare pair. When I left work last year I was given several gardening related gifts from my lovely colleagues including the secateurs you can see staring out at you from this page. Now as soon as I see them I smile but they have still to perform a single task. Call me a softie but I am concerned about dirtying or scratching their shiny happy faces. Now what do you think - could you bring yourself to use them or would you look for another pair ? I will have to make a decision very soon.

What else has happened in the last fortnight ? Well weatherwise it still seems a case of one step forward and two backwards at the moment. After the fairly mild second half of February we have had a taste of winter again with an odd flurry of snow on Friday. However plants are stirring and the little daffs are out now as well as hellebores, pulmonaria and primroses. I have been able to get on with a fair bit of tidying up and sorting out. I have also divided one or two perennials for the garden club plant sale in May and potted up a few seedlings that have appeared in the garden. I hope to do more in the coming week or so to give these plants a chance to settle down and put on some growth before the sale.

Today it has really been one of those mad March days here - hail one minute then blue skies and sunshine with a gusty chilly wind blowing throughout. Gardening activity has been limited although I have ventured out to the greenhouse to sow more seeds - celeriac, tomatoes and a perennial white stock. I have switched the heated sandbench on so will do more sowing in the week. I watched the weekly weather forecast earlier today which predicted some beautiful spring like weather this week - yaaaaaaaay ! If it does materialise I will be heading to the lottie with my lunch to put in some much needed work there before everything takes off.


  1. Hello Anna.
    I'm with you on the secateurs. I would have great difficulty muddying/messing them up, especially this time of year. I'm so hard on my tools.

    We're having similar weather here in New England. Lovely temps yesterday and today with rain/snow expected tomorrow. Fickle weather.

    I've started some seeds on propagation mats indoors. I'm envious of your greenhouse, though. And I'm curious about your allotment. Having read other British garden blogs I've heard of these. Are they used primarily for growing vegetables? Do people have an allotment in addition to their home gardens? Are these allotments community gardens? I need to go researching online for more information obviously. Just haven't had the time to give to it lately.

    Anyway, those secateurs are adorable. Will be curious to hear what you decide to do with your predicament ;-)

  2. Ah, I didn't realize "secateurs" is pruners in English! And, no, they look too cute to use, plus I imagine the grip/handles would not be comfortable over time, being neither fitted nor cushioned. I would view them as a cute work memento/parting gift!

  3. I agree with Monica. Tools like that tend to be more decorative than functional. They may break if you use them much or get ahold of a branch a little wider than they want to handle. I'd go buy a good strong tool.

    I hope you get that great gardening weather.

  4. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for finding your way to our blog. Your tapestry is really wonderful!

    I also did not realize "secatuers" is another word for pruners. One of my coworkers lived in British Columbia, Canada, for many years. She mentioned her secatuers and I was too shy to ask what she meant. Now I know.

    I think too those smiling faces look more decorative than functional. But they are very fun!

    Wing Nut

  5. no, no, you cannot possibly use those they are far to cute.
    I have just bought my first pair of felcos - they are nice!

  6. Those secateurs are a stitch! The advantage to using them is that you would probably not lose them in the garden. (I lost my secateurs last year & still haven't gotten around to replacing them. I guess I keep hoping they'll magically be spit out of the Black Hole into which they've fallen.) But really, things like that are nearly irreplaceable.

  7. Mr. McGregor's Daughter's comment reminded me that I found a lost pair last year while turning my compost pile. They must have gotten in the bucket of clippings to go there. I'm happy to have more than one pair now. If I don't find one, maybe I can find the other.

  8. They are so adorable I would be hesitant to use them, as well! I have at least 5 pruners, all horribly mistreated. I am not a purist and do not live by a certain brand...I'm kind of a 'grab-whatever-I-can-find-at-the-moment' type of person. Does that give away the fact that I'm somewhat disorganized???
    Spring is will be amazing to see yours, and everyones, new sprouts and progress we make in our gardens!

  9. Hi Anna~~

    Cute secateurs! If they were mine, they wouldn't be used although I understand your dilemma with the tried and true pair MIA.

    Enjoy your blog.

  10. Hi Anna

    I lose secateurs so frequently that I think I have a mental block when it comes to recalling where I left them.

    Enjoy the spring weather.


  11. Your secateurs sure are special, and if it were me,I would probably think twice before using them. I would say, if the handles were hand made by your friends, then I would not use them, if they were bought for you, then perhaps you can buy another pair just the same, to use.

  12. Oh, cute and too lovely. Use it and get dirt on it? Nah, don't do that to them. Don't wanna see them all dirtied ...

  13. They are so pretty : ). It would be hard to use them. But then again, it is why you have them. Going into the dirt is their job!

  14. Ahh- cute! You can't use them, you'll have to have the Felcos as well!

  15. Thank you all for your comments. The smiley secateurs still remain unused :)

    Anne - I will have to post in more detail about allotments sometime. Meanwhile in a nutshell, allotments are probably used primarily for fruit and vegetable cultivation, although there are increasing number of plot holders including myself who also grow flowers on their plots. Allotment holders include both people who have no access to a garden as well as people who do. I have my own garden but it is much too shady to grow vegetables well. As for your question about community gardens, I will have to do a bit of research before I can answer you :)

    I think you are quite correct Monica - they are not at all a practical design but it's the thought that counts :)

    Sue, I have gone out and bought another pair and we have had some most pleasant weather ! You must have been delighted to meet up with your secateurs again. Having a spare pair is always an advantage.

    Wing Nut- glad that I have managed to break down the language barrier :)

    Oh lucky you Karen - Felcos - the real deal ! I am most envious.

    I had not thought about the loosability factor MMD - now that's a point in their favour :)

    Jan, I can't bring myself to use them. I am a grab at what's on hand person too. The most important factor is that they work and not who has made them. It certainly is lovely to see the slow but certain arrival of spring in everyone's gardens.

    Thanks Grace :) I am glad that you understand my dilemma.

    They are impossibly easy to loose Rob - I just have to put them down and then have to spend half a day looking for them.

    The handles were not handmade Keewee, but it is impossible to get another pair the same so for that reason and others they will remain unused I think.

    Thanks for your comment Blossom. Yes they are much to pretty to get dirty faces.

    I agree with you Kaishon - that's the logical way of looking at it but I don't think I can be logical in this instance :)

    Yes HM I think that some Felcos are needed too, but will have to use a cheaper pair in the meantime and wait until Christmas for the Felcos !


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