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Monday, 30 March 2009

'Lost in France' - Out On The Streets

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'I was lost in France
In the fields the birds were singing
I was lost in France
And the day was just beginning
As I stood there in the morning rain
I had a feeling I can't explain
I was lost in France in love.'

- from the song by Bonnie Tyler.

During the last few years we have been lost in France a few times in our campervan - himself at the wheel, me with the map but we have always managed to get back on track. Whilst travelling mainly in Normandy and Brittany I have been impressed by some of the public plantings both in towns, cities and their approaches. I have seen some of the most beautifully planted roundabouts that you could wish to come across. Somehow I could not persuade himself to stop for me to take photos, so short of me jumping out of a moving vehicle and risking life and limb I have to be content what we have managed to photograph when stationary.

If you click on the collage you will be able to see a larger image :

Top row from left to right - L'Orient, Brittany, Villedieu-les-Poêles, Normandy and a partially edible planting outside a church somewhere in Brittany.
Middle row from left to right - St.Malo, Brittany, Auray, Brittany and St.Malo again.
Bottom row from left to right - Villedieu-les-Poêles, somewhere in Brittany and Villedieu-les-Poêles again.

The plantings that made the biggest impression on me were those in Villedieu-les-Poêles. These were I suppose what would be called naturalistic in style and definitely designed for summer impact. I loved their colour and sheer vibrancy. Admittedly most of the plants would need tender loving care to overwinter here, but some would get through our milder winters e.g verbena bonariensis. What the photos of Villedieu -les - Poêles don't tell was just how hot it was on that Sunday afternoon - the temperature being well into the nineties. No wonder there were so few people about out on the streets but if you look carefully you can see that I managed to creep into one of the photos.

This post has been inspired by VP at Veg Plotting who is taking an in depth look at public planting over the next year. You will find some other thoughtful posts on the subject here.


  1. Hi Anna

    I agree the municipal planting (does that make sense)over here does seem to particularly good.

    I'm going to post about it later in the year.

  2. Hi Anna,
    How lovely to see photo's of V- l- P. Reminds me of so many long summers spent in that area. And you're right, although we have some fantastic municipal planting, France seems to do it more consistently.
    Makes me want to go nack for a visit.
    P x

  3. Anna, what beautiful photos of beautiful plantings! I've never been in France even though I lived very close to its border in Stuttgart, Germany, for some time!

  4. Anna - so you've added companions to the photo you sent me! :)

    They do seem to do their public planting with some style don't they? Thanks so much for your contribution to Out on the Streets!

  5. Some nice images Anna - I love the different grasses that are dotted amongst the planting.

  6. Those are all lovely - and I love France - have been there many times for school, work, etc. All fond memories. I wish it weren't so far away...

  7. You are making perfect sense. Look forward to your post Rob :)

    Nice to see another fan of that part of the world Pam. Hope that you have a chance to return before long.

    Monica, you should have hopped over the border but we have seen some lovely plantings in Germany too :)

    You are most welcome VP :)

    Thanks Happy Mouffetard !

    Karen,the grasses were just as gorgeous as the flowers !

    Welcome and thanks for your comment Rosemarie. Always lovely to meet a fellow Francophile. I suppose it is just a tad nearer for us on this side of the pond :)


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