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Sunday, 1 March 2009

GBMD - 'Sowing'

It was a perfect day
For sowing; just
As sweet and dry was the ground
As tobacco-dust.

I tasted deep the hour
Between the far
Owl's chuckling first soft cry
And the first star.

A long stretched hour it was;
Nothing undone
Remained; the early seeds
All safely sown.

And now, hark at the rain,
Windless and light,
Half a kiss, half a tear,
Saying good-night.

- Edward Thomas, 1878 -1917.

This poem is also sometimes titled 'March 3rd'.

This is my March contribution for Garden Bloggers' Muse Day which falls on the first day of each month. Garden Bloggers' Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn Gail at her blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, where you will find other March inspired poems. Do go and have a peek !


  1. Fabulous poem, lovely picture. I'm glad I found your blog at last: I kept trying to access it through your Blogger profile, but it told me I hadn't been invited!
    Appropriately, the word verification is sorifil...

  2. Nice post Anna. I hope March is as gentle as the poem suggests.

    Beautiful pic by the way. Who painted it?


  3. I've never read this poem before. It certainly doesn't describe the usual March 3d around here (although in my journal 3 years ago today I noted that it was so dry I had to water). I love the picture.

  4. Beautiful photo and poem, Anna. Lots of springy looking stuff going on here ... quite lovely!

  5. Hi Anna.
    What a beauty your Muse Day poem is. Makes my fingers itch with seed sowing desires! Happy GBMD to you.

  6. Nice poem. I hope we have a gentle March - but we never know.
    Love that pic. Is it a collage?

  7. I am glad I came here to answer your comment! This is a nice blog. The photo and the poem are great! Thank you!

  8. Lovely poem Anna - how appropriate I'm reading it today :)

  9. Fabulous photo's as usual, and a lovely poem

  10. Hello Victoria and thank you for your comment. I'm not sure what my profile is playing at and can only apologise for its behaviour :)

    Yes, I'm hoping for a gentle March too Rob. I can't recall the name of the artist. Have a few pictures saved though. Will post back here or let you know if it comes back to me.

    It sounds more like a mid May day to me
    MMD :) Interesting to hear that you were busy with your watering can three Marches ago. We had a very dry spring here not so long ago, but it may have been two years ago rather than three. Am going to have to think about it :)

    Thanks Joey - it is such an exciting time of year isn't it ?

    Ann, I hope that it's not too long before those seed sowing fingers can spring into much deserved action !

    Thanks Monica :)

    Hi Wendy - as far as I know the painting isn't a collage but it does look as if it could be !

    Thanks Reader Wil - I'm glad that you liked the poem and painting.

    Perfect timing VP :)

    Thanks for your comment Maureen :)


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