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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

It's Show Time !



'A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk'. ~O.A. Battista

Whilst at the Holker Flower Show in Cumbria a few years ago we spotted these pampered pooches out on a jolly jaunt. This is my post for this week's ABC Wednesday. Just jump over there now for more Js.


  1. What fun shots for "j"! They are pampered pooches, aren't they! Thanks for sharing the fun on "J" day!

  2. And who is doing the walking? ;-)

  3. You made me laugh out loud. That is the very first time I've ever seen a carriage for dogs! ;-)

  4. How funny! We saw plenty of dogs in bike baskets when we were in Bruges!

  5. lucky dogs I must say :)

  6. Great shot! And so funny :)

    My J post is up too!
    Have a great ABC :)

  7. Being a cat lover, I feel there's no point to having any dog who's not considerably larger than a cat, but the stroller o' dogs is still cute.

  8. Hi Anna

    I like the Battista quote.

    Ta for the link earlier.


  9. If I hadn't seen the photos, I couldn't have believed the event! Amazing! Great captures.

  10. Hi Anna
    I don't know if I should weep or laugh...just amazing.

    Have a great spring week/ Tyra

  11. Very funny and rather strange! On second thoughts it is probably easier to carry them around in a pram than have 4 of them running around on leads.

  12. Funny ... the only reason I would put one of mine in a carriage is if they were elderly and couldn't walk far, or if they were injured. I'm amazed those dogs stay in there!

    I did once see a greyhound being pushed in a purpose built trolley along the streets of Dewey Beach in Delaware during the great Columbus Day weekend greyhound gathering.

    Suzy was the oldest known greyhound at the time, and lived till just short of her twentieth birthday. Crippled with arthritis, she rode along like a queen, enjoying the fame and adulation!

  13. Oh these are fun photos...and beautiful dogs...

  14. Any dog I have ever had would have been out of that carriage in a jiffy. They all preferred being on their own four feet, enjoying car trips (anxious to get into the car) but equally anxious to get out when the car stopped. I wonder what such indolence did to the health of the pampered pooches in your cute photo.

    It was fun to see this rare phenomenon!

  15. Thanks all for your comments which are much appreciated. The pram's occupants certainly made a lot of people smile that day. I have tried to get round all your blogs to leave a comment there. Please do forgive me for not replying individually to your posts this time - gardening activities seem to be taking up most of my spare time at the
    moment :)


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