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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

'These Boots Are Made For Walking'



"I wish I could remember where I put things. I spend half my life looking for my keys. With the other half I look for my glasses."

~ Sara Paretsky.

Well, I must admit that I was really struggling to think of a suitable K word and it is only today that my K word materialised. I love kaftans but did not fancy modeling one for the occasion. I do not have a pet kangaroo and it was not windy enough today to fly my kite. I have visited some places that begin with the letter K but have no photos of my own. I could not think of any plants that I grow beginning with the letter K. I am partial to the double kerria japonica which my sister grows in her garden. Somewhere I have a photograph of niece when she was much younger where she is twirling on the spot in the garden. A kerria tiara adorned her head and she held a little posy of daisies. It is my favourite photo of her but it is pre-digital camera days. As yet I have not worked out how to use the scanner with this relatively new computer set up so that put an end to that idea.

Then inspiration struck this morning when I was unable to find the keys to my allotment. They were not hanging in their usual spot. We were at the allotment yesterday afternoon and I had locked the gate behind us when we left or did I ? The doubt sets in. Did I leave them in the gate for some passing opportunist to let themselves on to the site and cause havoc overnight ? If so my name would be mud and I would never dare show my face or trowel at the allotments again. Over an hour later I located them and after such a kerfuffle I was no longer sure whether I wanted to go to the allotment :) Earlier this year himself treated me to a little magical gadget which helps you to locate keys when they decide to hide from you. I attached the gadget to my house key-ring and it has been invaluable. Time to buy a magical whatsit for the allotment key-ring methinks !

This is my post for ABC Wednesday - the brilliant idea of Denise Nesbitt. If you are keen to gain more knowledge on that letter K have a peek there now.


  1. Do those boots go up to your Knees Anna? ;)

    A magical whatsit to dig the allotment would be even better!

    My double Kerria japonica's just beginning to come into it's best flower power :)

    Have a good Wednesday!

  2. What a cute little key-ring. Great post!

  3. Have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I realized it was "K" day, was keys! because I seem to always be looking for them! Great post for today!

  4. Hi Anna, I hate keys they are never where they are suppose to be. That's one thing I love about my Toyota it does have a key!

    Great choice for K

    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Great post and a cute story to go with it.

  6. Yes, the interminable, "Where'd I put my keys?" !

    Cute little boots too!

  7. Lol, I drive shedman to distraction because my keys, glasses and felcos - the three things I require all the time are never anywhere to be found.
    What is your gadget to help you find the keys?
    Will it fit on my glasses ;)
    Fun post for the letter K

  8. Where would we be without keys. Locked out of abc's.

  9. A cute key ring - love those little boots! Make me feel like walking...

  10. Lovely little boots there. Nice post ;-)

  11. A great combination: when I look for my glasses they are usually where my keys are - or vice versa.

  12. Oh this touched base! keys, purse, mobile which will I NOT be able to find when I leave the house. Post Office stop this morning!

    Thanks for participating! I do not always have the time to visit everybody but I do appreciate your time and effort.


  13. :)
    You are looking for keys - my key is easy to find ;)
    Seriously, your post is enjoyable to look at and read, thank you!
    Our garden is still under the snow,
    which started yesterday a little to melt big streets and roads are now free about ice and snow. Our sopring
    too is starting slowly.
    Nice day to you, Anna!

  14. One of my "K"ABC wednesday was about my keys !
    Funny post and nice picture :the tiny green boots are lovely !

  15. Lovely story. I am a key-freak too. I always have to be sure that I have the keys in my pocket when I leave. The loss of one's keys gives only alot of trouble.

  16. Love your booty keychain--I have a similar one, though the boots don't have the cute polka dots, but they are from Kew!!! :)

  17. Seems like you found a LOT of 'K's to me! LOL!

    I love the little wellies on the keyring. How appropriate for allotment keys!

  18. This is post that everyone should be able to relate to. Is there anyone who hasn't mislaid their keys (or permanently lost them) at some time?

    Good post.

  19. Your key chain is just about as adorable as can be! LOVE it!


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