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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Walk the Walk

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Himself has been trusted with caring for my greenhouse and its tender little occupants this weekend, as I am away down south visiting my mum for Mothering Sunday. I have left simple instructions and am keeping my fingers crossed :) So no garden or allotment for me for a couple of days. Earlier this week I enjoyed walking back from the allotment a couple of times in the sunshine. The above collage shows some glimpses of my route - please click on it for the larger picture. I shall be trying to do this walk regularly this year as I have some serious weight to lose and the doctor has spoken ! My plot is a couple of miles or so from home. It is uphill there and downhill back. At the moment I am walking back but later in the year providing that there is not much to take with me I will walk there. Well that's the plan.

So a quick description of the landmarks. Leaving the lottie this week I needed sunglasses as the forsythia blazes outside the main gate. Up a steep grass bank and onto the bus way, with a most desolate view of a chimney sending out goodness knows what into the air. Turn left and into a residential area where there are plenty of gardens for me to have a surreptitious nose at, before coming alongside the golf course where I might catch a glimpse of himself at the nineteenth hole. Then on to the open space of the park where in the distance I can see lots of white specks on the ground. More litter I ask myself but I am pleasantly surprised when I get nearer and can see properly that the specks are clumps of giant white crocuses. To the traffic lights and turn left - here the fire station and power station in the distance can be seen. Past the doctors surgery and a magnificent tree in blossom. Then it's downhill all the way until I can see the town hall which is very close to home. This was once a private house and must have been grand in its day. Finally the last few steps down our lane and shoes off and cup of coffee here we come :)


  1. Hope you have a nice break with your mum Anna.

    What a lovely walk you have to your lottie - mine's an uphill journey to get there too!

  2. I'm sure himself will not let you down with the seeds and stuff.

    Surely he wouldn't dare.


  3. Everything looks so lovely and I'm sure Himself can manage watering. Our Mother's Day isn't until May. Hope you enjoyed time with your mum!

  4. Lovely montage of pics Anna. Hope you have a good few days away and I am sure everything will still be flourishing on your return!

  5. Have a lovely few days Anna and try not to fret about the seedlings.
    Your plan for walking the weight off is pretty similar to mine - hope you're having more success. (Knee problems still - though I'm sure those Aeros have nothing to do with ever increasing girth.)
    P x

  6. I hope you enjoyed being with your mum for mothers day, and that himself looked after your baby plantlets to your liking. (I wouldn't trust my hubbie with mine! )I remember once I was watching a batch of self sown pansies growing (very nicely)and next time I looked they were gone, when I asked if he knew anything about them he proudly told me he had weeded that area for me !!!!!!

  7. Thanks VP - I enjoyed my break. Have not tried the uphill direction so far this year. Must do soon as it would burn off more calories !

    You are quite right Rob and he didn't let me down :)

    I had forgotten that your Mother's Day is celebrated on a different day Monica. It is quite a nice walk bar the chimney and power station :)

    Thanks Karen - things were indeed flourishing or ticking over on my return to the homestead :)

    Aeros Pam - now how could they be full of calories when they are full of holes ? :) Hope that the knee is not too troubling.

    Oh Maureen - snap - I have lost some plants in a similar manner - I will not repeat what I said to himself on the matter :)

  8. Tracked it down! How perfect that it is downhill all the way back - so it mine, and it really helps after some heavy digging! I do love the opportunity to have a good nose at other people's gardens too. Like the tree-lined road, makes such a difference to how it feels.


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