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Friday, 6 March 2009

'Dust If You Must!'

'Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed;
Ponder the difference between want and need?'

- Anon.

- well this has always been my mantra as far as housework is concerned but after spring cleaning my greenhouse, I have decided that I had neglected this task for too long. It's probably been a couple of years since I did this job thoroughly I am ashamed to say and all sorts of debris was lurking in the depths. Myriads of labels, squashed pots, my long lost dibber and gigantic spiders were unearthed. I had to resist the urge to scream on disturbing the spiders, as himself was indoors asleep having worked a night shift. I eventually worked my way to the back of the greenhouse where there is an old sink which himself thoughtfully installed. The idea was that I could use this for potting up but somehow it never worked out. Instead it has been an area where I shove various bits and bobs such as twine, old jars, some cane top protectors etc. Turfing everything out I discovered an old bamboo tray, which to my surprise contained a bird's nest complete with the remnants of an egg. I have been wondering since whether Mama Bird and I were both coming and going into the greenhouse last spring and if so how
we never met !

Postcript - the above is just one verse from a poem the rest of which can be seen here.


  1. Well that sounds like a job well done, do you use jeyes fluid to clean your greenhouse? I know you say that you don't use the sink for potting, but what a brilliant idea, it's much deeper than the plastic potting trays on sale, I still manage to make a huge mess potting up in mine.
    Have a good week-end :)

  2. What a find! I do a lot of cleaning in my mind as I pass something in my house that needs it. It's too bad it can't get done that way.

    I imagine you feel good that the greenhouse is cleaner.

  3. Hi Anna, who wrote those great words! I like them a lot.
    Spring cleaning is rather nice I think, it is so much easier to do it now when the light has returned.


  4. I really enjoyed this post. I hate spiders as well and have to really pysche myself up to do jobs like you have described. Do you leave the door open on your greenhouse alot then? I was wondering how the bird got in and out early in the year - suppose we will never know

  5. Maureen - I don't use Jeyes Fluid as I have asthma and the two don't mix well :) The sink is a good idea and perhaps I should train myself to use it. I'm very messy when I pot up too. Enjoy your weekend.

    Glad that you like the poem Wendy - it's only one verse - I will put up a link to the rest.

    Sue, I do a lot of mental cleaning too - it's not as boring and you can convince yourself that you are making inroads.

    Hello Tyra - as far as I know the poem is penned by that well known character - Anonymous:) Yes the extra light does make cleaning less of a chore I think but I would rather be out in the garden.

    Karen - lovely to see your smile :)

  6. Hi Helen - I know what you exactly what you mean by psyching yourself up. I have to steel my nerves even though I know logically that the spiders will probably be just as scared as me :) I try to leave the greenhouse door open in the day for ventilation unless it's freezing. Once it starts warming up at night I may leave it open then depending on the weather forecast. In fact I had better go and open it up now - shopping got in the way:)

  7. I have a shed that holds all my gardening clutter and I can it out at least once, and sometimes twice, a year. It's still all messy and yucky in there with squished pots and other weird odds and ends I don't even remember putting there. I think of it as an archaeological adventure! :)

  8. I like your comparison to an archeological adventure Monica. I felt that my cleaning out session was a voyage of discovery too and I unearthed several ancient relics :)


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