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Friday, 13 March 2009

The Last 'Drop

The last snowdrop to flower 'Galanthus Virescens' opened this week. This is the first time I have seen this one in flower as it was a new to me bulb last year. I am delighted with it. Meanwhile in the last couple of weeks Christmas and my birthday have been extended with the arrival of some more snowdrops to add to my small collection. What excitement has greeted the arrival of the postie.
The bulbs have been potted up but await dressing with some horticultural grit which I have run out of. A quick trip to the garden centre is planned sometime over the weekend so that I can finish the job. Then a years wait to see if they have survived and to enjoy their flowers- this gardening lark certainly calls for patience at times.


  1. Anna

    I enjoyed this post. Is it feeling a bit like spring there now?


  2. Anna, The title of this post is perfectly delightful and the photo of your 'drops is lovely~~~I hope i can remember to order them this fall. gail

  3. Ooh, the subtle green stripes are soooooo cute!

  4. Hi Rob - there certainly has been a real hint of spring in the air for the last couple of days and there's more to come this week :)

    Thanks Gail :) I do hope that you remember to order some snowdrops later this year. They are such stars early in the year.

    The green stripes definitely set them apart Monica and as you have noticed the markings are most subtle. They look even better now a few days later as they have opened further.


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