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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Springing Forward!

'You may trace my step o'er the wakening earth,
By the winds which tell of the violet's birth,
By the primrose - stars in the shadowy grass
By the green leaves opening as I pass'

- Felicia Hemans

What happen when you turn your back on the garden for a few days ? Braving the cold wind and with one eye on the sky in case more hail should descend on my uncovered head, I had a thorough tour of the garden this afternoon.

The last ten days since my last diary entry have passed in a flash and I have been away for some of that time. So I was surprised to see what has been happening - a corydalis coming in flower nestling close the house, more pulmonarias and primroses in flower, lily of the valley poking their heads through the ground and the biggest surprise of all brunnera 'Jack Frost' has flowers in waiting - yaaaaaaaay ! I am not sure for definite but this plant must have gone in three years ago or so and has never flowered. I was thinking about moving it but it has come good in the end. Funnily enough I nearly bought one that was in flower at the garden club on Thursday night, but resisted as I had already bought two other plants.

It's not all good new though - Mrs Betty Ranicar, the most frilly white hellebore (top photo) has not flourished this spring unlike the other hellebores. She has fewer flowers this year and some of them have dropped off when still in bud. I wonder if somebody has been nibbling them but other hellebores close by do not seem have suffered. The other potential woe is that there is still no sign of clematis texensis 'Princess Diana'. I waited for an eternity for her to bloom, writing about my vigil here. After her first flowers in 2007 she really strutted her stuff last summer so where is she ? So far I have resisted the temptation to have a little poke around the area where she is planted, but may well have a closer inspection this week.

More sowings made in the greenhouse and lots more to do still in the next two to three weeks. Another mystery - two batches of peppers sown on the same day and placed in the heated propagator - one lot has germinated the other has not. Today I have bought more seeds of pepper 'Corno di Torro' and hope that they will germinate. The nicotiana mutablis I sowed on February 15th is ready to prick out along with the first tomatoes. Will make a start on that tomorrow to celebrate the first day of British Summer Time :)


  1. Aw, the primroses and pulmonaria are so cute; they're two of my favorites, too. I also love corydalis, and I'm sorry your one hellebore didn't put on much of a show. And HAIL?! Yuck! I'm not wild about hail...

  2. Spring is such an optimistic time in the garden, when the changes come so quickly. When things change from damp earth, to fresh green leaves, and new buds. The sky blue flowers of the Pulmonaria are so pretty. Your Brunnera 'Jack Frost' already has distinctively handsome leaves, and little buds of promise. The little primrose has a deliciously buttery yellow shade. With luck, the laggards will soon be poking up above the soil too.

  3. Well hello to Spring in your garden anna!! from a new friend aNNa! :)

  4. Hi Anna

    I guess it's a slower start for you this spring following the winter in the UK this year.

    I'd keep an eye out for slugs chewing the clematis texensis.

    I bet the garden club is a great way to spend an evening.


  5. Just lovely Anna to see your wonderful spring blooms. I have had similar problems with my chilies, the Habanero and the Jalapenos just will not germinate. :-(

    Have a great Sunday.

    I here that we will get some warm winds from the Brittish isles tomorrow....thank you! Much appreciated

  6. Anna:
    EAven though H. 'Betty Ranicar' isn't up to par, she is still a beauty! I had problems on a constant basis with C taxensis 'Princess Diana' - and eventually put her into that place of fond memories - just like her namesake! Hail doesn't sound very nice, and I see tat we are scheduled for snow tomorrow! Lovely post!

  7. I'm always having Clematis disappear on me so I sympathise. I'm impressed with Mrs Betty Ranicar. Perhaps double Hellebores are slightly more fragile than the single ones. I hope she perks up.

  8. So happy your Brunnera is budding; I love this plant, but I don't have one in my garden yet. Lots of cheery blooms here; you are a few weeks ahead of us, so it's wonderful to see spring really showing up here. I do hope you can figure out what's bothering your clematis, though.

    Thanks for visiting; I hadn't realized how far behind I had gotten in blog-reading--I loved the dogs out for a walk on Wednesday, so cute!

  9. Happy spring. I love your pics!

  10. I am hoping that Betty will come good next year Monica :)

    Thanks Northern Shade - as you say spring is indeed such an optimistic time in the garden and so full of hope. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for the laggards :)

    Hello from me to you Anna :)

    I had thought of slugs Rob but somehow I don't think it is this time :) I enjoy the garden club meetings - a great source of information as well as plant and seed sharing.

    Sorry to hear about your peppers Tyra. I hope that those warm winds drifted up to you.

    Thanks Teza - Betty is so gorgeous and it was a shame that she was not more floriferous this year. Sorry to hear that you had no joy with your Diana. She has such beautiful blooms. Still no signs of life from her.

    Easygardener, thanks for the sympathy. I think that
    is indeed the case that the double hellebores are not as hale and hearty as their single counterparts. She is still a relatively young plant so will have to wait to see what next year brings.

    Nice to see you again Rose. Hope that spring is with you soon.

    Thanks Wendy and a most happy spring to you !


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