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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2009.

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Here in my garden most of the snowdrops and crocuses are done and dusted. The little daffs are shining out, pulmonarias are beginning to stir and some primroses are open. The autumn flowering cherry is showing off its delicate little blooms for a second time.The flower of the month though is definitely the hellebore.

It looks as if it may be a beautiful day here. Yesterdays winds have dropped and the plan is to head off to the allotment later.

Clicking on the above photo will reveal a larger image.

You will find many other beautiful blooms at
May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Hi Anna

    The Hellebores are really something.

    Have fun on the allotment


  2. Lovely hellebores - and you managed to photograph them without resorting to pulling blooms off - I feel guilty now!

  3. It is so lovely to see that spring finally is here. Great collage Anna.

    xoxo Tyra

  4. Anna,

    I do like your poster very much...I might have to figure how to do that nice trick...The photos are lovely and the hellebores are just rich with blooms!


  5. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! Brightens up my Sunday. We're still waiting for snow to melt, so I have daffodils on my kitchen table. I love peeking into everybody's gardens around the world.

  6. Hellebores are definitely the flowers of the moment in your garden. They look great!

  7. Gorgeous weather here today - loads of seeds sown and perennials potted up for the plant sale. My Pulmonia isnt showing any signs of flowering yet - I think it is a little shy!

  8. Very beautiful flowers/photos in your collage. Thanks!

  9. Your photo collage is very pretty. Love those hellebores!! :)

  10. Beautiful hellebores Anna.
    It was a fantastic day wasn't it - that is why it is only now that I am posting and visiting.

  11. Hi Anna.
    Beautiful Bloom Day blossoms you have. Love the primroses especially. I was just able to uncover a few my father grew from seed that I planted in my side yard last fall. So happy to see they made it through the winter. Now to wait a little longer for blossoms (hopefully). Love your collage work here.

  12. Lovely collage and blooms. The hellebores are awesome!

  13. The pink Hellebore at the top is just stellar -- so full of blooms. It's beautiful. I really like the photo of the cream Hellebore in the middle right square too, just lovely.

  14. Hey Anna... Spring has certainly sprung in your garden! You're well ahead of us here in Scotland. What great colour you have in your garden now. Oh... I'm a hellebore fan too! Happy GBBD :-D

  15. Thanks all for your comment which are much appreciated. Hopefully I have already enjoyed a stroll round all your gardens and indoor gardening spaces and have left a comment on your blogs. If not I will be round very soon ! :)

  16. Hi Anna~~ I like the way you collaged your flower photos. Beautiful.

  17. Sigh... this puts me very much in mind of a long-ago visit I had to England in mid March. Sigh. I miss the place, esp. a little place called Zennor in Cornwall, where I felt inexplicably at home.

  18. Thanks Grace :)

    I have not heard of Zennor Monica - it sounds like a good Cornish name - must investigate !


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